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Hey guys! I was thinking about the votes that we’ve had in 2020 surrounding the Community Days. Now, as we’ve had datamined three sets of votes (the first one aside), I wanted to go through each of the rejected candidates and weigh their likelihood to have their own Community Day. I will also be giving my likelihood of taking part, and my personal reasons.

I discussed the exclusive moves with my good friend Sam! Thanks for your help on this!

This post was inspired by the upcoming Machop Community Day, where it was one of the rejected candidates for February 2020 Community Day, and it’s been brought in with the previously-advertised move Payback. With this Pokemon having previously been rejected as a Community Day option, but then brought back with no changes, it actually raises more questions than answers, and all but confirms that Gible, as well as several Unova Pokemon, may not see the light of a Community Day in 2021. This is because what both Magikarp and Machop have confirmed is that Niantic has planned for these Pokemon in the instances that they will be in Community Days, and therefore might as well implement them in one way or another.

We figured out that if all of these Pokemon, together with Machop, got a Community Day, there would only be one slot left for a different Pokemon. Because we now have confirmation that this Pokemon will be Roselia for February, these ten Pokemon featured could be our confirmed Community Days for the rest of 2021. Or part of a new pattern through to 2022, whichever happens.

Also, when I talk about the dependency of bonuses, I’m solely seeking out the 3x XP bonus, as I’m grinding XP for level-ups.


The first of the rejects, and probably would have won if Rhyhorn wasn’t in the same voting bracket. This was because, at the time, Kantonian Vulpix hadn’t been released as a shiny, and shiny Alolan Vulpix was elusive for most. Alolan Vulpix would have been available in (if I recall correctly) Field Research tasks and Raids. Evolving to Ninetales would have given the move Weather Ball, Fire- and Ice-type respectively. However, that will soon be introduced into Ninetales’ natural moveset, so we have to come up with a new exclusive move! We decided on either Extrasensory or Zen Headbutt, adding a Psychic-type move to the moveset.

It may take a while for this one to be released, as we’ve had several events recently that have featured both forms of Vulpix heavily. But I feel that if we have a new exclusive move for Ninetales, it could well happen.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – I already have my shiny living dex for the Vulpix line completed, Alolan forms too. It would depend entirely on the bonuses for the day.


At the time of voting, I think Dratini was the least popular choice, purely because it was unheard of that a Pokemon previously featured in a Community Day would get another chance. However, with Dratini having been the second Community Day, and probably the first fully realised (for me anyway), it’s not entirely silly anymore, especially after the Charmander stunt. Evolving Dratini into Dragonite would give it the move Superpower, which would be handy against the Rock- and Ice-types that Dragonite would struggle against in PvP. We haven’t had a full-on Dragon-type Community Day since Bagon back in April 2019, so we are overdue some dragon love.

Likelihood of taking part: 7/10 – while I don’t really want to, it’s a great incentive to get people to achieve their platinum Dragon badge. Plus if the bonuses are good, all the better! I already have my shiny living dex completed for the Dratini line, but Dragonair is also one of my favourite shinies.


Sandshrew was a part of the first of the revamped votes, concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Alolan Sandshrew would have been available in Raids, with its Kantonian counterpart out in the wild. Both Sandslashes would get Shadow Claw

Likelihood of taking part: 4/10 – while I do need a shiny Alolan Sandshrew, unless I was on the tasks where I need to do some raids, I wouldn’t be taking part for the most part. If both counterparts were in the wild, yes I would be more inclined to do it.


Squirtle Community Day proved to be a massive success, riding entirely on the sunglasses Squirtle released exclusively for this event. However, there was never any indication in the promotional materials that the sunglasses Squirtle would make a comeback for the voted Community Day. However, upon evolving, Blastoise would obtain the exclusive move Aura Sphere, which is there purely for PvP purposes. Squirtle is cute, and is my starter of choice, but without the sunglasses variant returning, it won’t be too popular. However, we could also get Mega Energy as Field Research or Special Research rewards if Niantic implemented as such.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – again, I have the entire family in the shiny living dex, and this will depend entirely on the bonuses. I already also have two 100% IV Blastoises.


Caterpie was the one that got the shiny variant a long time before Weedle did. Caterpie lost by a landslide, the same with Grimer, because of Porygon and Charmander’s prominence in the voting. Maybe if they introduced the cowboy hat variant that certain people on Twitter have been crying out for…either way, Butterfree would have had the exclusive move Hurricane, because at least it’d get a same-type attack, I suppose.

Likelihood of taking part: 10/10 – strangely enough, this is one that I don’t have the shinies for any of the evolution line, so this is a dead cert for my participation, unless by the time it rolls around I already have what I want from the Kanto event in February.


Just like Sandshrew and Vulpix before it, this one features both the Kantonian and Alolan variants. Again, Alolan Grimer would be relegated to Raid battles, with Kantonian version being out in the wild. Both forms of Muk would get the move Fire Punch upon evolution. That’s as much as I can say on this one.

Likelihood of taking part: 4/10 – it’s the same exact situation as Sandshrew – the one shiny I need is only obtainable via the Raids. Plus I have three 100% IV Kantonian Muk…


Bulbasaur has the same issue as Squirtle does, except that Bulbasaur doesn’t get a fancy costume. Bulbasaur was one of the datamined candidates, along with Exeggcute, Magikarp and Starly – however, we know what happened with Magikarp, so we know for certain that the others will happen at some point. Bulbasaur is more often than not outshone because of Charmander and Squirtle. We decided that Venusaur could get Double Edge upon evolution, but imagine if it got Outrage. Like with Squirtle, we could also get Mega Energy as Field Research or Special Research rewards.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – this has the same problem that Squirtle has, that there’s not much riding on this one.


At this point in the voting options I was wondering if Niantic were running out of ideas, but I suppose they wanted to go through a lot of the Alolan Pokemon. Cubone Community Day next, perhaps? But anyway, what I see them doing is evolving Exeggcute into regular Exeggutor, and adding Alolan Exeggutor in Raids. Both forms of Exeggutor would probably get Magical Leaf.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – again, this simply comes down to the bonuses involved.


Finally, a non-Kanto Pokemon! Also a Pokemon where its shiny hasn’t been released yet! Somehow, it’s the only non-Kanto Pokemon that was featured across all four voting cycles, which kinda proves Niantic are Genwunners if anything. Starly would have won its vote by a huge landslide, that much I’m certain of. We theorised that Staraptor would get the move Steel Wing upon evolution.

Likelihood of taking part: 10/10 – this one’s a no-brainer.

Overall, 2021 Community Days don’t look too bright if this is the line-up that we have for most of the year. I’m hoping they restart the pattern, starting with Snivy in March, but that’s just a glimmer of hope.

4 thoughts on “The Future of the Community Day Vote Rejects | Pokemon GO

  1. Steve Reid

    I don’t think it was ever their intention to go back to these, the fact is this pandemc has gone on longer than anyone every expected and Niantic are likely still hesitant to put out a comm day that would have people flocking out to break the quarantines in many countries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand that, so I’m expecting lacklustre Community Days. The fact that Machop was announced actually inspired this analytical post. They may not have initially intended to go back on these, but these are easy (although shit) solutions to the greater problem at hand at the moment.

      That, and the ‘running out of ideas’ problem, which at this point is actually legitimate.

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