Worst Normal-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! I know we just did a whole year of Top 10s and ranked lists but we’re going for another half a year with these (for the time being). We almost had a week off, but a shiny Eeveelution post happened, so…yeah.

Today, we’re going through the worst of the Normal-type Pokemon!


This is what happens when you evolve a God. Don’t do this.

I mean it’s a good HM slave but since Gen 7 that role’s pretty redundant too.


This big, round abomination can get gone. Now that we’ve stopped talking about me, let’s turn our attention to Lickilicky, which is the perfect example of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, just like Bibarel. Lickitung is great, and is just pure comedic value. In a region with plenty of new evolutions for existing Pokemon, Lickilicky takes the cake, and probably ate it too.


Azurill. Did. Not. Need. To. Happen. Not only that, it’s strangely Normal/Fairy instead of keeping its evolutions’ typing (Water/Fairy). Even if it was just pure Water- or Fairy-type, it would have been an improvement, although not by much. It’s a redundant baby Pokemon that didn’t need to exist.


When I first saw it I thought it was cute, and I still kinda do. But it’s just a gimmick that if you want to fully utilise its Ability, you need three weather-changing moves plus Weather Ball, and that’s it, unless you’re in double battles, where I’m sure you’d have something else set up the weather instead.

Plus it might not be as bad if it wasn’t for that one cringe PokeTuber with the Snowy Form ‘meme’.


It’s a Route 1 rodent, yet I always forget about it. I think it’s probably because it’s underwhelming, considering it’s always overshadowed by its fellow Route 1 Normal-type, Wooloo. Skwovet was pretty cute, admittedly, but Greedent…nah. I literally have been purposefully putting off shiny hunting Skwovet because of my distaste for Greedent.


Komala is here purely because of how forgettable it is. I mean, it’s cute and it’s endearing, plus you could run some sleep strategies I’m sure, but I can never remember it exists. Maybe if I remember to shiny hunt it, I’ll remember better? Who knows?


This is one of those problematic Pokemon GO Pokemon, where it’s really common but unecessarily difficult to catch. In all fairness though, at least it has better hair than Ambipom. However, yeah it’s just not worth the difficulty setting.


Sorry Tim. I still maintain that it’s budget Pidgeot that actually looks strange to me. I usually tend to forget it’s there, and therefore it’s just…there for me. Which doesn’t bode well. It looked okay in the sprites, but it just looks awful now in its 3D models.

Yes Tim, I don’t care if you think I have it backwards.


This is another Pokemon that I dislike because of Pokemon GO. In a world of supposedly intuitive battle recommendations, it always chooses Slaking, even though it’s basically useless in battles. I probably would have liked it more had it not been for this issue.

I always type out ‘Slakoth’ instead of ‘Slaking’, thanks Steve for pointing that one out! Another reason why I hate this thing so much.

Plus it reminds me of my estranged father a whole lot.


The frustration with Smeargle in Pokemon GO kinda lands it here. I hated how you had to try so hard to be photobombed by something that isn’t really worth it, to the extent where other Pokemon are photobombs in events just so that the feature is more worthwhile.

Plus my friend Tim has had very similar issues with Smeargle.

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