WIP Update 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Hey guys! Here’s the first 2021 update! I wrote this before Christmas, but wanted to schedule it so that I could have time off!

Have you ever had a short story that you’ve dreaded working on because you don’t particularly like it? Because same, and that’s what’s been happening with my WIP. There have been some chops and changes as a result. I’ve removed some of the original stuff, and decided to branch out into different writing styles.

I still really want to get the book launched by the end of this year, but I’ve had a lot happening over the past couple of months, with a business launch planned, as well as the blog. I want to be able to bulk-write for later in the year, because I can probably see my content slowing down a bit on here. But we’ll get there as and when. Until at least August, there’ll be at least one post per week.

While I haven’t actually got all first drafts finished yet, they’re close. Plus I’ve been debating whether to increase the number of short stories from 20 to 25. I suppose that will depend on how much more I’ve got in me to write. And I’ve tried a hand at a little poetry, as well as a story featuring several soliloquies. For now, all 20 current slots are filled.

That brings me onto the Reader’s Choice vote, which ended up being What Little Value. I’ll admit that was my least favourite of the four stories, but it was an opportunity to fix the things that I wanted to fix. Overall, I’m happy with how the second draft turned out in comparison to the showing on here. Not only that, each of last November’s short stories is making an appearance in this book, because I really liked them.

Here are some basics on what’s happening:

  • Inside the Magic Shop has gone into third draft stage!
  • The Fall and Rise has had a brand new introduction and first half.
  • The Last Time has developed a lot more, with a brand new scene.
  • Dead Memories is getting a huge re-write, so that’s taking a while.
  • I’ve adapted a short film from 11 years ago.
  • Illumination was a complete re-write, one line aside.
  • There are a few shorts that are inspired by the Writing Prompts subreddit.

I’ve also been re-re-re-re-reworking my main WIP, because I finally have a plotline I can get down with! Basically, it’s about people that are born with superpowers that have had to go into hiding because there’s this anti-power group targeting those with powers. Spoilers aside, that’s all I got for now!

At the moment, that’s all I have! Things are progressing, at least!

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