Setting Realistic Health Goals For the New Year


Hey guys! This is a different kind of post, mostly because I’m taking my own journey into better health. I’ve struggled with my weight for the past few years, and I can never usually find my way out. But I’ve decided that I’m going to be the best version of myself for 2021, and that I want to spend the remainder of my 20’s getting healthier so that I can go through my 30’s being healthy.

I said in my intro that I can never usually find my way out, but how do I find my way out if I don’t go looking for it, or make my own way out? I enjoy food a bit too much, sometimes, and COVID has meant that it’s not been for the best to go to the gym. As of writing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to address the UK with another possible national lockdown, so going places is limited once again.

Nearly six years ago, I did go on a good health plan. I ate healthier (and less), I went to the gym twice a week, I did endurance training and I ran a Race For Life 5km. I was huge on exercise, and I became a gym addict. I eventually had to stop going because I had problems with my knee at the time.

I’ve tried to lose weight before, and I even joined a Healthy Lifestyle Service group back in 2018. However, I was deterred from going once they kept refusing to help set up the discounted gym membership, and I was belittled when the weigh-in said I’d maintained my weight for the week. I didn’t feel supported, and that coupled with my mum’s heart attack, I left.

Nowadays, I think having a home that I share with my boyfriend means that we’ve become complacent in what we do. I’ve been getting a lot more sciatic pain, and I’ve got issues with my knee again, possibly signs that I’m susceptible to arthritis. However, after I’ve eaten a relatively large meal (medium pizza with large chips), I’m already wanting to exercise.

I’m scheduling this for 8th January in the hopes that I already have a backbone and I’ve finally gotten my butt exercising and eating just a bit healthier, and it serves as a reminder if I haven’t done so!

My Health Goals

They are as follows:

  • Drink more water
  • Order fewer takeaways
  • Do more at-home exercises if I don’t go outside
  • Be more food-conscious
  • Fix sleeping pattern

The first one is quite simple. I’d already been wanting to drink more water anyway, and I’ve already started to do so. I tend to have juice or cola, and my usual Sneak for when I get sat down and start working in the morning. The early morning caffeine helps me keep my mind going until the sneezing-induced brain fog hits, of course. How else do you think I pump out all of this work I do? Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I die on this hill trying! I don’t usually like the taste of water, so it’s something to get used to. I’ve done it before, I can do it again!

With takeaways, this also helps in terms of monetary savings. We usually spend a lot on takeaways, it’s a bit ridiculous. I’m planning on a £10 food challenge, and I literally spent just over that on a pizza and chips tonight. It puts it into perspective, really. So I’m all for going without takeaway food for a while, maybe have it once a week as a treat.

With doing more at-home exercises, this is also a simple one. I have a large space free in my living room, aside from all of the clutter and wax melt ingredients (I will sort that eventually), and I’ll clear that out and get some workouts done. I’ll make a list or something. It’s perfect for when I can’t get outside because of lockdown restrictions or weather!

As for being food-conscious, I know that I eat a lot of rubbish. I don’t normally eat breakfast because I never feel hungry around that time, so I end up snacking on chocolate or sweets when I’m working. I kinda want to get healthier snacks or smoothies for when I’m working, so that it’s keeping up that habit but in a good way.

And finally, my sleeping schedule is awful. At the moment, I’m going to bed at around 11.30pm – 12am, but I always tend to properly wake up and be ready to get out of bed at around 10.30am – 11.30am, which is horrible. I have a lot of difficulty waking up at earlier times, except when I absolutely have to. I want to maintain my bedtime routine, but make sure that I wake up earlier and be ready earlier.

And those are my current healthy lifestyle goals for the year! I hope I manage to at least nail a couple on the head, especially the water and food-based ones. The exercise I can take, definitely, but I like to have workout equipment at home too.

2 comments on “Setting Realistic Health Goals For the New Year”

  1. I will say that focusing on eating habits and getting the right amount of rest (sleep) is about 75% of the fight. If you get that part down it will make transitioning to your other goals easier.


    1. It’s definitely helpful, although as of right now I still struggle to wake up and get out of bed early. No matter how long I sleep for, I’m always waking up exhausted. My other goals aren’t a problem for me at the moment, strangely.

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