10 More Loved Pokemon

Hey guys! Of course, I already have a Top 10 Pokemon list, but I thought I’d share with you ten Pokemon that would help to fill out a Top 20 list! So here are the awesome Pokemon that didn’t quite make the top 10 list…


Sandile is just so cute! While I really like Krokorok and especially Krookodile, it’s Sandile that really does it for me here. It’s so adorable in its shiny form, which I got one in Sword but I’ve never had the heart to evolve it. As of writing, I have a Sandile as my Pokemon GO buddy, and it just emphasises how cute it is!


I never used a Jellicent until my Shield Nuzlocke earlier in 2020, and I was just so surprised at how effective it was. It makes me excited for shiny hunting for both male and female variants! It’s really good for Special bulk, it made me so happy to have Barbecue on the team for a while! I’m ashamed that I slept on Jellicent for the longest time. Plus it’s a jellyfish, and they’ve always fascinated me.


When I replayed through Shield, I decided to use Pokemon that I’ve barely used. I went for Arcanine, and it was so good! I know a lot of people loved Arcanine in general, but it was the first time I’d decided to properly use one, and it was so handy all the same! Like with Jellicent, I’m ashamed to have slept on Arcanine for as long as I did.


This is my favourite Ultra Beast, definitely. I really liked its inclusion in the main Sun/Moon story, and I’m still bitter at having reached 3,500 soft-resets in the Ultra Wormhole before getting the shiny in the Dynamax Adventures. I still really like it though. Like with Jellicent, it’s the jellyfish origin that got me interested, and I feel that it was a really good Ultra Beast for an introduction, especially with the connections to Lillie’s initial design.


Jirachi’s my favourite Mythical Pokemon, and it’s just super-cute. I don’t really gravitate to a lot of Mythical Pokemon because of the lack of in-game lore, but Jirachi stands out to me – same as Darkrai, but for different reasons.

Galarian Zapdos

I could have put both forms of Zapdos here if we’re being completely honest, but Galarian Zapdos literally kicked it out of the air. It improved on Zapdos, a Pokemon that didn’t really need a lot of improving on in the first place (except perhaps the shiny variant). But I just really love the design of Galarian Zapdos more than anything, remininscent of a chocobo.


I mentioned this before somewhere, but I don’t remember being too excited about having to train up Kubfu in the Isle of Armor initially. However, the more I used it, the happier I became with it, to the point where it was really sad to evolve it into Urshifu. For me, Urshifu gets rid of any personality that Kubfu has, and it’s really disappointing to me. For now, I’ve kept my Kubfu as is in my Shield playthrough. Even though it would be handy to evolve it for a Pokedex only, I’d rather not.


In the same playthrough as I used Arcanine, I used Togekiss. I’d never really used Togekiss before except in Pokemon GO, and it was a complete monster through my playthrough. It was just so good, and bulky too! I liked Togekiss anyway, but even more so after this playthrough. It was good that it received the Fairy-typing too, at least.


This doesn’t take much explanation, but I hardcore loved it through my Ultra Sun playthrough, where, like with Kubfu, was disappointed to evolve it into Vikavolt. I love its shiny form even more, becoming the little red bus that I love so much!



2 thoughts on “10 More Loved Pokemon

  1. Tim

    Sandile is a terribly underrated Pokemon on the cuteness scale. I think people forget about it because its evolutions are decidedly not cute, but it’s adorable.


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