Eeveelution Shinies Ranked

Hey guys! I wanted to do this because…I think someone asked for it – I think it was Steve. So here they are – my ranking of the Eeveelutions based on their shinies!


Leafeon as a shiny just looks like regular Leafeon, perhaps just a little darker. Because it’s a Grass-type, it would have been nice for Leafeon (EDIT: I know it said Jolteon on launch, but holy heck I’ve been exhausted lately. Man, I need a break from everything) to have had an autumnal theme, with orange or brown leaves, or even pink. It could have been a spring variant! Oh the possibilities!


Unfortunately, Glaceon falls into the Ice-type trap of being barely different to the regular variant. It could have taken a similar colour scheme to Eiscue, with the pink, and I would have been happy with that. But unfortunately, as it stands now, its just not that good.


I mean…at least it looks a little different? But it’s not the most ground-breaking shiny there is. I wouldn’t have minded a different colour, but at least it’s easily noticeable.


It’s a pink Water-type shiny. How original. I mean, it could be a lot worse, but still. I suppose it was ground-breaking initially, but we saw it all in Hoenn, so…


This is Connor’s favourite Pokemon so obviously there’s bias, but I’ve seen it called ‘vomit green’, but it’s actually lime green (duh – haha). For me it’s a bit lower down because it isn’t as vibrant, but I still like it all the same.


As much as I love Umbreon, its shiny form is just another level. It feels like Umbreon should have always been this colour, rather than the yellow rings. But it means that we’re more happy to have shiny Umbreon anyway.


I love how all that’s happened is the inverted colours for Sylveon, but it works. It’d be on top but…I have something that’s more controversial at the top, I suppose. I just love how simple this shiny is compared to some of the others.


Before you ask, yes. I don’t know what it is, but I adore the bright green shiny on Espeon. It’s so good! I think I prefer the shiny colouring to the original. But that’s just me, I love bright colours, so this is a clear winner for me.

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