Improving The Galar Region – A Few Suggestions, Part 1

Hey guys! As you may probably be aware, I’m born, bred and lived most of my life in the UK, which is where the Galar region is based on. But with some exceptions, I noticed a lot of flaws over time, after I played through the game multiple times, and both DLC.

While I enjoyed the game and a lot of the different aspects are fun, such as Dynamax Adventures and the ease of access to competitive battling, the setting itself is to be desired. It’s not the only region with that issue – Kanto and Johto have some teething problems that never truly got fixed in any of their remakes.

I’ll be going from Postwick to Wyndon and beyond to kinda correct some of the issues that I had. This is only the first part of the series! Part 2 will come soon!


Postwick as a place isn’t necessarily so bad, but I always found it odd how it was connected to the Slumbering Weald. I always make jokes about how you’re living next door to a pair of Legendary Pokemon.

However, I’d like to go visit the farm and the windmill. I mean, there are literally gates, but you can’t enter them. I think it’d be a fun little thing to do, especially if you want to practice Wooloo herding. I also wanted to point out something a bit nitpicky here, but why is there a mailbox outside the gate, and also a letterbox within the doors of yours and Hop’s houses?

Slumbering Weald

My issue is that it’s a really linear area, but I would have liked to have had the linearity in the beginning lead into a huge maze-like area. There is already a semblance of exploration and finding your direction, but I’d have liked to see that expanded a bit more.

Route 1

This route is so short! I actually think that Kanto’s Route 1 is much larger, and that’s the iconic basic route! You can easily avoild any encounter here, so I’d have suggested using the empty space a lot more with patches of grass for more encounters.


Wedgehurst is there, I suppose. You are made to come back here in order to go to the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. There’s not much else, it’s supposed to be a smaller place compared to the later cities. However, there’s a farm building that would have been fun to explore. These farm buildings and farmlands would have been perfect to do some berry planting.

Route 2

Route 2 is fine, except that there’s a building on the horizon that you can’t explore, but at the same time we already have some explorability added once you get the Rotom Bike upgrade that allows you to travel on water. It’s very fun to come back to if you remember to!

Route 3

There is literally a factory that’s pointed out, along with a path leading up to it from Route 3, that we are unable to access. I would have liked to have seen this play out more, and perhaps even be an integral part of the game’s plot. Even if not, it would have been nice to explore this.

Galar Mine 1 & 2

These mines are very linear, with little to no exploration. There’s not much point in the healers in the first one, purely because of the general ease of the routes. It’s nowhere big enough, and it’s something that the Isle of Armor tinkered with, and the Crown Tundra had down pat, but for a mainland addition, they don’t add up well.

Route 4

You can very easily avoid the Pokemon here, so I’d have gotten rid of the walls and just expanded on the grassy areas, and also made sure that the trainers were easy to avoid. I have been able to avoid a lot of the trainers in this route because there are different ways to get around them. I’d have liked the emphasis on difficulty here.

Also, I have issues with that out of ten routes, the first four are covered even before the first Gym. It feels very disproportionate, even if we’re taking the Wild Area into consideration.


I just want to explore the houses on the right side, more than anything. I would have also liked a plotline involving Gigantamax Toxtricity, as it is clearly heralded on the hillside. Overall it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot to do in Turffield.

Route 5

The only reason we stay on mainland Galar after the DLC is the nursery itself. While I quite like the length of Route 5, it does feel empty, and I kinda wish that the nursery was tucked in the lower part of the route, rather than at the top of the hill. It would make it feel just nice and secluded.


I just wanna go into the lighthouse more than anything. I also wish that interacting with the band wouldn’t bring you to the end credits, because, y’know, you can never skip Pokemon end credits. Overall, I love the idea of it being a port, although as someone from the Lincolnshire/Humberside area, it feels more like it’s based on Hull than Liverpool to me, as Hull is also a port city. With that in mind, I’d always wanted an aquarium in Hulbury, such as The Deep in Hull.

Motostoke Outskirts

There’s not a lot to it at all, and it’s just one tiny part of the region as a whole. The only benefit it has is an extra encounter in the case of a Nuzlocke. I’d have maybe converted this into a berry field similar to that of the Berry Fields in Kalos. That way, you’d have some place to grow the berries that you want, or even a larger-scale campsite. Because we do have actual campsites in the UK.

Route 6

Route 6 has some good explorability, and it’s more like a cliffside, but I’d wished it was more along the lines of the White Cliffs of Dover, or Porth Dinllaen in the Llyn Peninsula (in Wales). It feels more desert-like, of which I preferred the idea of Potbottom Desert in the Isle of Armor to this. I do like the Diglett statues though, as quirky as they are.


A lot of the translated names for this city allude to sporting terms. I would have expected to find something a bit more akin to football, rather than the Middle-Eastern-inspired location and marketplace, or even just sport in general. I mean, we could have had a bit of cricket going on here, I suppose! I wouldn’t have been mad at an entire area dedicated to Lord’s, the biggest cricket stadium in England (yes I know it’s in London, like Wyndon, but cricket is a huge deal here too).

The mural could have been expanded and opened up to be a major tourist attraction, with different stalls selling wearable merch and other trinkets!

That’s all for now! Next time, we’ll look at all of the areas starting with Glimwood Tangle!

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