Top 5 Best and Worst Community Days

Hey guys! I was asked by my friend Sam if I was to do a summary of the best and worst Community Days of 2020. And considering I didn’t do one of the events, and barely did two others, I didn’t feel that I would have been fair in my judgement. However, I promised to do the best and worst altogether. These are in no particular order, this is just for fun!


Squirtle (July 2018)

This was my last Community Day before I went to Portugal, and I enjoyed this day with my mum. We’d gone out to Cleethorpes, and thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent together. We’d gotten so sunburnt, but that wasn’t the point. The sunglasses Squirtle made an appearance in Field Research tasks, and I managed to bag ten shinies. Sadly, my mum caught one at bang-on 1pm and it reverted to a non-shiny. We eventually traded a shiny sunglasses Squirtle when we became Lucky Friends, though. I didn’t review this particular event, purely because I was on my hiatus at the time.

Eevee (August 2018)

Eevee Community Day (or weekend, really) was quite fun, on the quiet. This was my first Community Day in Portugal, and I’d spent the day with my friend Jeanette. We looked out onto Parque Eduardo VII (which is absolutely stunning, by the way), and I hit Level 40 there. I happened to line it up so perfectly with that day, and it was so hot outside! We’d taken a walk around El Corte Ingles, as well as headed to Colombo Shopping Centre.

Porygon (September 2020)

This is here purely for the return on investment. 46 shinies, across both accounts. It was a hefty day, and I played the entire six hours.

Ralts (August 2019)

I think this Community Day was here mostly because I finally got the chance to steal all of the shinies. Even though I went 45 minutes with two shinies, I then racked them up in a drive-around, and I think I made people very salty that day. As someone that normally got very few shinies in general, never mind on Community Days, it was pretty much deserved at that point.

Chikorita (September 2018)

This was definitely a strange entry, but it mostly had nothing to do with the Community Day itself. It was my second Community Day in Portugal, and I think I had to go to work at 1pm, when the event ended. But I wanted to spend the first two hours of the event exploring. I got to explore Jardim da Estrela, which is now my favourite place on earth, and this was also the day when Meltan was teased, with Ditto spawning disguised as one. I loved that little thing, and it was later when we realised what it was. The whole event was pretty fun, but mostly for the beautiful garden.

Honourable mentions: Torchic, Cyndaquil, Mudkip


Slakoth (June 2019)

Where do I begin on this one? Holy crap. It was raining already, which was bad enough, but then as soon as the event launched here in the UK, the weather function stopped working. And because (for some reason), the event spawns are tied to the weather function, we got only a handful of Slakoth the entire time. I got the bus back to my neck of the woods (because it was raining), and it was just pouring with rain.

We got a make-up weekend for it, but because Niantic hates Europeans so much, it was actually on the same weekend as the GO Fest Dortmund, meaning that the regular event spawns were drowned out by Slakoth outside of the GO Fest area. It was maddening.

Charmander (May 2018)

This would have been a good day overall, but the Charmander spawns weren’t that good at all, and were mostly Cacnea and Castform spawns. Even then, the shiny rate was awful, and it just wasn’t worth the time.

I was going to put the October 2020 one on the list as well, because it just wasn’t necessary. But people voted for it and then complained about it. However, with the little amount of the event I did play I got a good amount of shinies, even from home, so I suppose it was an improvement.

Rhyhorn (February 2020)

There wasn’t anything functionally wrong with this Community Day, considering that we got the option to vote, and it could have been worse (it could have been Dratini). However, the main reason why this ranked low was because it was so cold, I had to go home earlier than I would have liked because my fingers felt like they were going to freeze and drop off. Not only that, we also had to dodge this kid that I’ve dubbed ‘The Walking Migraine’ because he’s piss-irritating and likes to shout and brag a lot.

Chimchar (November 2019)

The worst thing about Chimchar is that I see it all the damn time at our local park. That area is a permanent Chimchar nest, I’m sure! But onto the worst stuff – like Rhyhorn, it wasn’t functionally bad. But if I recall right, we did have a bit of rain, plus our group was joined by this piss-irritating guy that wouldn’t stop getting way too close to me. I mean really close, like uncomfortable and inappropriate. I’ve taken to calling him Space Invader, and he also kept referring to Chimchar as ‘Charmander’. Nope, wrong Fire-starter!

Worst was he appeared again for the December Community Day and stated that if he got another shiny Chimchar he would *TRIGGER WARNING* kill himself. Not smooth, dude! Not smooth at all! He gave me a bad migraine so I had to leave.

Electabuzz (November 2020)

This one could have been so much better had Niantic actually did one tiny thing – actually make the catch rate for Electabuzz better, instead of only giving us the visuals. I was just very frustrated, and I ended up going home (wasn’t this my first Community Day outing since April?). I was just so glad it was fixed in time for the Magmar Community Day the week after.

Dishonourable mentions: Trapinch, Magikarp (why?), Swinub (I was injured, poor me)

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Best and Worst Community Days

  1. Tim

    I agree with pretty much all of these save for Chikorita and Swinub. I loved Swinub day, but get why you don’t. Chikorita day was one of the worst days we had here weather wise, so I’m sure that’s why I didn’t like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our Chikorita day was a typical Portuguese September (so really hot), but it was more the experience I had at the garden that I cherished more than the event. And I spent most of the Swinub day bedridden, otherwise it would have been a lot better.

      Liked by 1 person

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