Black Mirror – Crocodile Review

Hey guys! We’re looking at the strangely-titled Crocodile today, which doesn’t involve any crocodiles.

The entire episode is shot in Iceland, which is a destination I’d love to go to, and even more so after seeing this episode – not for the episode, but for the scenery. Mia and her her partner Rob get distracted and accidentally kill a cyclist while driving. Then they panic and just…throw him off a cliff and into a river. Nice. Well to be fair, she just wanted to call the police and do the honourable thing. Y’know what? Fuck Rob right now.

One shounden-style timeskip later, and Mia is a successful architect with a husband (not Rob) and a son. We’re also introduced to Shazia, who’s a worker for Realm Insurance that uses a Recall device to gather witness statements for accidents and crimes. She uses the ever-present If Anyone Knows What Love Is that we heard in both White Christmas and Fifteen Million Merits. It’s also a clever call-back that makes us recall those episodes, and it’s used in this episode to help others recall their memories.

This whole episode just goes to show how quickly things can go so wrong because of one incident. Mia is still talking with Rob, which is a big mistake because she kills him, plus then there’s the guy that gets knocked down by her hotel, which she witnesses. Of course, thus beginning a hugely tense cat-and-mouse scenario with Shazia needing the memories from Mia, and Mia ends up letting slip that she killed Rob.

I just feel bad for Shazia and her family, really. Especially considering her baby son was also killed because of the Recaller technology, but the poor kid was blind and wouldn’t have been able to be a witness. It’s overall a very uncomfortable implication, and one that I hate to return to, because I hate the idea of someone murdering a child in cold blood, especially a baby. Joke’s on her, the Recaller was used on the guinea pig. Of all things, a sodding guinea pig. Honestly, I laugh at that tiny twist.

Mia’s in total shit and I wish I’d have been able to see that, but at the same time it adds to the dramatics that we’re left in suspense.

Overall this is a good episode. The main draw for me was the scenery, and again we’re in the shoes of the antagonist of the story. This makes it more intriguing, too. The Entire History of You is similar, in terms of the impact of memories. However, it’s vastly different technology, using a Recaller, which would make a lot of witness testimonies far more interesting. The issue I would have is if someone managed to manipulate their own memories, by delusion or sheer persistence. You can see that it didn’t quite work out that way for Mia, but for someone else that’s perhaps more cold and calculated, quite possibly. You see the trend of narcissists resorting to gaslighting their victims (I’ve been a victim of such), so it’d be handy to actually have that kind of technology to refer back to.

Next week, we’re looking at Hang the DJ (note, no DJs will be harmed in the making of that review).

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