We’re Creating a Fanganronpa!

Hey guys! If all goes well in my physical and mental health, we should be seeing the start of a huge series that myself and my boyfriend, Connor, has worked on for the past 3-4 years. Well, I say that, but it’s been on/off due to other commitments and factors. But we should be seeing a new series going live soon. As for the regularity, I don’t quite know yet. All I can say is that there will be content!

Let’s get into the details!

Introductions & Protagonists

First of all, what is a Fanganronpa? Answer – basically, a Fanganronpa is literally a fan-made Danganronpa experience. Think Super Danganronpa Another 2, which I have talked about previously. Most of these are video-based, with graphics and visuals resembling the canon games. However, we wanted to write it! So it’ll be live here shortly!

But we need a name for the entry. How about Danganronpa: Children of Truth?

Seventeen students (yup, 17) are locked away in a mansion, and are told by Monokuma that they have all committed crimes in the past, and thus were selected for the Killing Game, because they are so talented. And the winner would be able to walk away free. He also alludes to a cult called Children of Truth before leaving.

This is also a story where there are two protagonists. The points of view will be evenly distributed, and both of them have talents that allow them to consolidate information and use it accordingly.

Inspirations and Callbacks

I wanted a nod to previous series, and that’s why I settled on Monokuma hosting the game, instead of other alternates. The implementation of Children of Truth was actually inspired by Void from SDRA2, where some of the participants are members of Void.

Of course, it’s recommended that you have at least an understanding of the plot of Danganronpa V3, as it serves as a mostly direct sequel, taking place around 10-15 years after the events of that game.

Like previous iterations, there will be an Ultimate ???.

One of the characters was hugely inspired by one of my favourite anime, and it shows in name and talents. Yes, three of the characters have two talents.

Art & Direction of the Story

As of writing, I’m trying my hand at art again, thus will be drawing some of the characters. However, I haven’t drawn humans properly in quite some time, so I won’t be drawing the splash art. I may get someone to commission that down the line. It’s also down to my lack of experience that this won’t be a full-on game or video series. It’d be fun to see it in the future, but only if I end up commissioning it, or something like that.

As for the story, it will follow the same 6-chapter sequence, as well as a prologue and epilogue. However, I will also be dedicating time to writing character profiles and unused executions, as well as an alternate retelling of one of the chapters (including something else inspired by SDRA2). Yes, literally every character has their own separate execution written for them, and two have unused mastermind executions, from early on in development where they (at separate times) were masterminds.

As for the Class Trials, I want to be able to incorporate them, but I’m aware that I have to adjust them to fit a novelisation style. No matter, I’ll still incorporate the concept of Truth Bullets and even Truth Blades and Lie Bullets from previous games.

This story is based on an undisclosed location in the UK, hence the mostly non-Japanese names for the characters. Some of the characters will have physical disabilities – for example, one has a bionic leg, one wears an eyepatch and another uses hearing aids. It actually was all an accident. However, it’s all related to their talents in some way.

I think that’s as much info as I can give you without spoilers! So, soon you’ll start to see the project come to life very soon!

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