Top 10 Fossil Pokemon

Hey there! It’s almost the end of the year, but we’re still going! Also – Merry Christmas! As my present for you all, here are my ten favourite Fossil Pokemon, unearthed!

10. Shieldon

I think Shieldon is so cute, and it’s a great for your Steel-type coverage if you decided not to choose Piplup as your starter. And Bastiodon…nice!

9. Archen

Archen is a colourful wonder, even if its Ability is a bit shit, if you ask me. Plus I love the way Archeops flaps its wings in its 3D model…

8. Anorith

Anorith is actually really fun to look at, but drastically changes when it becomes an Armaldo. It’s also got a strangely high Attack stat for an unevolved Pokemon. It’s shiny is lush, too!

7. Kabuto

I love this little Skittle! It’s not my fossil of choice when it comes to Kanto, but I still appreciate its worth. I love the shiny form, which is the reason why I call it a Skittle! Plus Kabutops looks stunning!

6. Tyrunt

Tyrunt is a great choice of fossil in Kalos (and so is Amaura), considering its dual type of Rock/Dragon (although that does give it six weaknesses). But it looks cool, especially when evolved into Tyrantrum! I mean, it’s a T-Rex!

5. Dracovish

I’ll explain why this is so high on this list. Combining its Strong Jaw Ability (increases the power of biting moves by 50%) with Fishious Rend (a biting move with 85 base power, doubled if the user is faster), a Choice Band (increases the Pokemon’s Attack by 50%). Now also take into account STAB and possible rain. This combination can knock out Pokemon that resist Water-type moves.

I rest my case.

4. Arctozolt

Even though it isn’t as useful as its counterpart Dracovish, Arctozolt is one I love for aesthetic, and also because we get an Electric/Ice-type that isn’t Rotom Frost. I love that it shivers and has the same snot-drop like Cubchoo!

3. Aerodactyl

I hated Aerodactyl throughout my first year playing Pokemon GO. I could not find one anywhere until the first Adventure Week event, where I had to run for one. I still actually really like it though.

2. Amaura

Amaura is super-adorable and came in clutch in my Y playthrough. Its shiny is so lovely too, changing to white. I mean it’s a fricking diplodocus!

1. Omanyte

Lord Helix jokes aside, I love the design of Omanyte, especially with its bug-eyes peeping out and its Zoidberg-style tentacles looking like facial hair.

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