Re-Typing Existing Pokemon!


Hey guys! I wanted to do this as a fun little experiment where I take various Pokemon and give them new typings based on what I feel their types should be. This may be a two-parter, and may also involve some insights from others. I’m doing this based on the moves learned, Pokedex entry, general appearance and Abilities.

Note, I’m not making regional counterparts, but that might actually be for another post!

EDIT: My good friend Tim also did his own retyping post! Go check it out!


Current Type: Normal/Flying
New Type: Normal/Fighting

Doduo and Dodrio have always astounded me as being part Flying-type, considering they are flightless birds. Of course, it would be different if they had wings, but they don’t. I can understand that they were made Normal/Flying based on their origin as birds, but I didn’t want to just leave them with the Normal-type, so I tacked on Fighting as well, because I feel that they remind me of Galarian Zapdos (or vice versa), especially with their speed when running.


Current Type: Ghost/Grass
New Type: Steel/Grass

Now this is based on my good friend Tim’s suggestion of Dhelmise actually supposed to be part-Steel, but he mentioned it being Water/Steel, while also giving it a Grass-based Ability to compensate. Considering the seaweed portion of Dhelmise is the actual Pokemon itself and based on seaweed, I allowed it to keep the Grass-type for this particular post, and replace the Ghost-type with Steel. I suppose this way it makes its Steel-type moves overpowered with its Steelworker Ability combining with STAB, but you gotta have a little fun with it! I feel that making it the same type combination as an Ultra Beast (Kartana) is better than the same type combination as a starter in the same gen (Decidueye).


Current Type: Psychic/Flying
New Type: Water/Flying

You knew this was coming. I’m not here to disappoint, I always questioned why Lugia, the guardian of the seas, is part-Psychic, especially considering its counterpart Ho-Oh got the Fire-Flying type combination. Yes, we get that the Psychic-type is seen as powerful, and that’s why GameFreak made Lugia so, but it’s simple – give Lugia the Water-type and we’re good!

On another note, I’m disappointed we didn’t get a Galarian Lugia to go along with the Galarian Birds, but I also headcanon that because of the nature of these birds they either shirked off an unknown Trio Master or just never had one – or Lugia’s sitting on a secret!


Current Type: Dark
New Type: Poison

You love Umbreon. I love Umbreon. I’d be happy with either Dark or Poison-types – although I do have a clear bias for Poison-types. This change goes to its early Pokedex entries where it states that it spray poisonous sweat from its pores. And before Generation 8, it had a famous strategy using Toxic. Of course, this is probably the only one where I’m still 100% okay with its original type.


Current Type: Poison/Dark
New Type: Poison/Bug

It’s a scorpion. Just give Drapion its Bug-typing like Skorupi has, and let’s call it a day.


Current Type: Dragon
New Type: Water/Dragon

I feel that Goodra was headed towards a Water/Dragon-type considering it needs to evolve in the rain – this is why I didn’t make Goomy or Sliggoo part-Water too. It actually learns more Water moves by level-up than it does Dragon as well.

I’ve seen others say it should have been Dragon/Poison, and I can see that too, although I’m leaning more towards the Water/Dragon.


Current Type: Bug
New Type: Electric/Bug

The name says it all. Volbeat, along with Illumise, are based on fireflies, but both English and Japanese name, Barubeat, would make you think it’s an Electric-type, but nope. It even learns moves like Thunder and Charge Beam by TM…


Current Type: Bug
New Type: Fire/Bug

Illumise’s fake-out as a Fire-type is less obvious than Volbeat, but because the name, and Japanese name, alludes to illumination, you might as well. Sadly the only Fire-type move it learns is Sunny Day, which actually is a detriment to it with its current typing. If it returns to the games, perhaps its moveset could be rearranged to include more Fire-type moves, which would justify the Fire typing.

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