Gift Distribution Breakdown Analysis – Pokemon GO

Hey guys! I always ranted about how I never get balls, and how I always get healing items. Earlier on, I wanted to actually test the theory. So over the course of seven days, I opened the maximum 30 Gifts from friends, and tallied everything down. I mass-opened them, then screenshot the results from the Journal. I then compiled this information into a spreadsheet (yay!).

Here are the results!

As I mentioned, it was easy for me to compile the information over the course of the week. I did it this way because soon, we’ll be able to open a maximum of 45 Gifts, therefore sort-of skewing the results. After the first day, I allowed myself to keep the maximum amount of Stickers that I had, and in between then I also hatched Eggs, meaning I needed to stockpile on some Eggs at times. They are terrible, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here is the final results of my records, in order of most plentiful to least plentiful. Any item that had no representation has been left out, such as evolution items. I tallied the numbers based on the slots that they occupy rather than how many of the item there is (for example, counting 5 Poke Balls as one slot).

Poke Ball69
Ultra Ball57
Great Ball55
Super Potion44
Max Revive44
Max Potion42
Pinap Berry37
Hyper Potion23

So it’s safe to say I’m heavily surprised. While I knew that Stardust was abundant, I was expecting to have more healing items in this than I actually got. I always tell people that I only get healing items! However, there is an explanation for it.

I think it’s a bit of confirmation bias, because I usually run out of balls, and I always have an abundance of healing items. It mainly comes down to the fact that I actually use a lot of balls, because my main objective is to catch Pokemon, instead of using any other battle-related items. A lot of other people manage to save up their balls, and actually run out of healing items. So I was under the assumption that I was receiving way fewer balls than anything else. However, I always run out of balls because I end up using them so often.

So, in short, I was wrong about my hypothesis. It’s a nice surprise, especially considering at the moment, you tend to get 5 Poke Balls per slot. At least the Stardust is plentiful, perfect for purifying countless Shadow Pokemon for the Level 45 task!

Overall, this was a fun little analysis, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. There’s not many other analyses that I can do easily – even if I were to catalogue all of my egg hatches, they’re very sporadic at best.

2 thoughts on “Gift Distribution Breakdown Analysis – Pokemon GO

  1. Interesting experiment. I tend to hold back on opening gifts depending on where the friend is from (I am obsessed with 7km eggs). So I end up opening gifts every other day (usually after a run) and then just going down the line. That may have an impact on the items I receive? Who knows.


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