Top 10 Disliked Pokemon

There are some Pokemon that you really dislike, right? Well I have just the post for you! Here are the Pokemon that I dislike the most, in no particular order (except for the final two, because they are the literal worst).


Emboar is just a nope. It’s yet another Fire/Fighting starter Pokemon, and after Blaziken and Infernape, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done correctly for that type combination.


This is an awful abomination.

Alolan Persian

I just don’t take kindly to the overly-round face that Alolan Persian has. The dislike for Alolan Persian only got worse when Perrserker was introduced, meaning that Alolan Persian could have been an entirely different Pokemon if the right decisions were made. A literal cat burglar, perhaps?


I know it’s simple, but I just don’t like it. There are far superior Electric-types anyway.


Regigigas would be the perfect accompaniment to the Legendary Titans if not for its Slow Start Ability. Having a Pokemon not be able to hit the ground running means that it may be taken out before it gets a chance to show off its true potential.


I hate this thing purely because of how forgettable it is. Even in Max Raid battles with its Intimidate Ability, I still forget its existence.


I just wish that such a Pokemon that was based on the weather was just better. That is all.


Lickitung was adorable and had a great gimmick in its design. Lickilicky is just plain awful. My friend, who says that Lickitung is her favourite, even said that Lickilicky is just bad.


There are no words to describe how much I dislike this thing.

Kantonian Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime has to be my all-time least-favourite Pokemon. However, it has the redeeming quality of having a much more appealing Galarian form, at least. But I really strongly dislike the Kantonian version, especially as it was our regional in Pokemon GO instead of Lapras.

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Disliked Pokemon

  1. Good choices here! My absolute least favorite Pokemon is Gurdurr- it’s so GROSS LOOKING!! A lumpy-headed clown with a steel beam weapon- who thought that was a good idea?! Bleh!


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