Tips For Shiny Hunting – From A Shiny Hunter

Hey guys! As you may know I’m an avid shiny hunter, whether it be in the main series games or even in Pokemon GO. I will discuss the Pokemon GO shiny hunting tips later on, but for now, I just want to go over the main series games.

Understanding the Shiny Odds

Nowadays, the shiny odds are 1/4096, and this was 1/8192 before Gen 6. This can be lowered with the Shiny Charm, as well as other methods, such as chaining or Masuda Method.

Wormhole shinies in the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games had their own odds, so the odds are never affected by the Shiny Charm.

Some methods have better odds, such as an SOS chain in the Alola games, or the Dynamax Adventures if you have Crown Tundra.

Complete Your Pokedex

This goes without saying, but completing the Pokedex grants you the Shiny Charm, so you can have the best odds possible. I mean, that’s about as simple as it gets. Sure, you can still get shinies pre-Shiny Charm, but few and far between. I think I’ve only ever had three random full-odds shinies (Golbat, Alolan Raticate and Torkoal).

Choose a Method

Of course this depends on the game you’re playing, and this also is limited to what method you choose. For example, there are only so many Wormhole Pokemon, and only so many Dynamax Adventure Pokemon – but the odds are really good. With Masuda, you can only breed for the Pokemon that can breed. In encounters, it’s pot luck depending on rarity.

For the ORAS games, there is Dexnav hunting. I’ve yet to try this out, but I’ll probably use this to hunt Shroomish (I really want that shiny Breloom). You also have catch combos in the Let’s Go games, although I find this a bit more tedious than most, even with the Shiny Charm, 31+ combo and Lure activation.

Know What You Want To Hunt

Now this goes without saying, but has anyone just gone blindly with the first thing they see? Because same. There are times when I either put my options to a vote, or just go from a list of wanted hunts. Although my first ever shiny hunt was a Suicune back in the Ultra Wormhole days.

You may want to go for your favourite Pokemon first, or go for the nice-looking shiny. Unfortunately if you’re going for a shiny living dex, you’re going to have to catch some duds (looking at you, Garchomp).

Be Persistent

There have been times where I’ve taken a break from shiny hunting. I thought I’d never get shiny Chewtle. Or Sobble. Or Applin #2. I got them in the end, but Connor always praises my patience, saying I have a lot more patience than he does for this kind of thing. I don’t know where it comes from, I’m actually a notoriously impatient person!

Take a Break When Needed

I know this contradicts my last point, but if you’re feeling burnt out, just take a break. Maybe do something else? I took two breaks from separate hunts – Chewtle and Galarian Ponyta. Now that I’ve included regional variants in my shiny living dex, I’ll go back to Galarian Ponyta eventually.

Pay Attention

I failed two shinies because I didn’t pay attention. I failed Guzzlord because I soft-reset over it while Wormhole hunting (it only took 200+ more resets though to redeem myself), and Swellow because I False Swiped it and it used Brave Bird afterwards (again that was later redeemed). But I say this because sometimes you mis-click, and that’s tragic. I’ve seen plenty of aDrive compilations, and I’ve seen shiny fails in real time…

I didn’t even pay attention when doing the aforementioned Torkoal Max Raid, and halfway through realised that it looked different! I did catch it, but that was a tense moment.

Join in on Shiny Hunting Streams

I always thought of shiny hunting as boring, and I never really wanted to pick it up, until summer 2018. But I started shiny hunting only when I was watching other streams where the person was shiny hunting. It was like we were aiming for that shiny together, in a weird way. I was soon able to focus on shiny hunting on my own, without watching streams (although it’s still fun to watch and join in on the chat).

To this day, I always recommend multitasking to get past the monotony.

Hopefully this all helps you get to grips with shiny hunting!

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