Doubling Down – December Community Day 2020 Round-Up

Hey guys! As you may know, we usually have a whole weekend in December where we have all of the year’s featured Community Day Pokemon brought back for a few hours over the course of the Saturday and Sunday. I might even make a Community Day predictions post for 2021. Interested? Hit me up!


Saturday was the day that I wanted to do the most out of the two days, considering I didn’t do the Weedle Community Day. It was cold and I was still really hurting for Poke Balls, and the gifts didn’t help much (analysis coming later). Wooper Day definitely didn’t help! Having to catch 430 Pokemon didn’t help! Having to earn 100,000 Stardust didn’t help! Having to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day didn’t help! You get the picture.

Of course, I started by opening gifts, which gave me a passable amount of items, plus it helped kick-start the new analysis post I’m working on!

My first shiny of the day ended up being Gastly, after I’d braved the local shops. That was a tough one – the shopping, not the Gastly, but I didn’t particularly mind. One thing I hated over the course of the day was the amount of Pokemon that would attack or jump after I’d thrown the ball. While you have a low ball storage, it’s super-difficult to keep hold of them when things like this keep happening.

I managed to collect a few shinies over the course of the day:

  • Piplup x4
  • Rhyhorn x3
  • Abra x2
  • Seedot x1
  • Weedle x4
  • Gastly x3

I evolved two of the Weedles to get Kakuna and Beedrill respectively for my shiny living dex, and I wanted to transfer all of the Kanto shinies to Let’s Go to store there, or collect in the case of the Weedle line.

I somehow managed to get to finish catching all 430 Pokemon that I needed, although I had to get out of the house a second time to do it. Central Park in the beginning was very hectic, with too many people wanting to walk right into my path, and it was rainy and cold on top of that. The second trip was just a quick up and down the road, where there are a few Pokestops right at the end.

In the end, with part 1 of the Level 43 Challenge Research done, and all of the shinies I was after obtained, I gave the game a rest for a long while. I’ll do the 14 Raids in my own time, as with the GO Rocket Battles, which was convenient, as I was currently doing those for the task to level up to 45.

I wanted to really get into writing today, but I ended up with a bit of a migraine after I came home from my second trip out. So I left the game for the night and had food.


Sunday was an awful day for me – I woke up at around 5.30am, only getting about four hours sleep. I opened my gifts and took screenshots of my journal for later, for my analysis. It was then a case of planning my day. I’d already decided I wasn’t going to go to Central Park unlike Saturday, because I wanted a relaxing day first and foremost. But even though I eventually managed an extra hour’s sleep, I wanted to get work done. I wanted to finish up this post and get a short story finished that I wanted to rework for my book (update on that coming soon!).

So while I worked I popped an Incense on – and by ‘worked’ I mean watching a guy react to a rewatching of the Harry Potter series (Dylan Is In Trouble, by the way – I’ve been enjoying his commentary videos this weekend). Ahh…whoops!

The first shiny of the day was a sodding Porygon. Because of course it was. That makes that shiny Porygon number 47. And then there was shiny Magmar. The shinies did come slow from Incense, but I wasn’t too bothered, I had a lot that I wanted to get done for the day that didn’t focus on Community Day for once.

Overall, I got the following shinies for the day:

  • Magikarp x2
  • Porygon x1
  • Charmander x1
  • Magmar x5

The weather took a turn for the worst around 1pm, so I was glad I wasn’t out in it. I opted to attempt a walk later on, once Connor had rested off his night shifts. This was purely to finish the Electabuzz and Magmar special Research that I’d gotten. Yeah, that was worth it but I kinda wanted more balls than any other item. I wasn’t exactly hurting for Sinnoh Stones, even after the task for Level 42.

Three of the shiny Magmar came from the aforementioned walk, which was a bit of a wet one. The rain was light, but we managed, especially after stopping for two Arlo battles, as well as some grunts. I’d also amassed a decent amount of Stardust (despite the limited ball usage) to purify several Pokemon for my level up tasks.

Overall, the weekend had been relatively successful…and wet. I just hope that the Pokemon for next year are more interesting than this year, I will be honest.

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