Black Mirror – Hated in the Nation Review

Hey guys! So we’re finally at the final episode of season 3, and we still have plenty more episodes to cover!

If I were to summarise this episode briefly, I’d say that this is basically what cancel culture has the potential to become.

We follow two detectives, Karin and Blue, as the ydetect a series of murders. This episode actually takes place before the previous episode, Men Against Fire, as the news ticker reveals the MASS project. Blue reveals that she left forensics after the Rannoch case, which was the focal point of White Bear. It proves that even if they aren’t completely related to each other, these three episodes are linked via these references.

Anyway, back to Karin and Blue, who are investigating a series of murders. We’ve been seeing people die, such as Jo Powers, who was a journalist that insulted a disability rights activist, thus receiving online death threats, as well as Tusk, a rapper that had become hated online for insulting a young fan. Of course, he ended up having a seizure, and then later died while in the MRI machine.

This is where it starts to follow up on the summary – both of these people were targeted with the hashtag “#DeathTo”, which is revealed to be part of the online Game of Consequences, which on each day, the person with the most #DeathTo tweets targeted at them would be killed. Could you imagine if this hashtag actually took off, and this game actually played out? You would never want to be in the public eye in any way. I even looked up the hashtag on Twitter, and most of the results I glanced at actually referred to this episode.

Elsewhere, a company called Granular has developed artificial bees, known as ADIs. The main objective is to offset the shrinking bee population, ensuring that nature doesn’t suffer after the bee population dwindling.

Of course, the #DeathTo hashtag gains popularity, people ironically using it, not aware that what they are doing is basically handing someone a death sentence.

Of course, it ends up that the users of the hashtag also suffered, with Garrett Scholes being the one to hack into the system for the ADIs to make them the ones to do the killing.

I think if the episode hadn’t been too technological, it would have been fine. Like I had trouble wrapping my head around a lot of the ‘techie’ stuff – despite living with an IT graduate. The episode is really long, but I wish they ended up tracking down the mastermind rather than go through a bunch of different stages, as I call it. The episode didn’t feel empty though.

On the topic of cancel culture, normally it’s not that effective. In one striking example, Trisha Paytas ‘came out’ as suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, after Anthony Padilla featured people with DID on his channel – whether or not you believe her is entirely up to you. At this time and in her video, she specifically called out Nin from the DissociaDID system, calling her ‘crazy’. Of course, this amounted to huge backlash, with a #TrishaPaytasIsOver hashtag that was trending. However, nothing really resulted from that.

I think that this episode weighs in on that if you end up being a (I dunno what to really call it) victim(?) of cancel culture, it may lose you more than just a few followers.

That concludes season 3 of Black Mirror! Next, we’ll look into USS Callister!

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