Terrible Shinies Evolved from Great Shinies – Part 2

Hello there! Last week, I went over ten evolution lines whose shinies got worse as they evolved. And I’m bringing you ten more! Hooray for negativity!

Pupitar into Tyranitar

I love how purple Pupitar is, but I’m overall disappointed by Tyranitar. I’d have loved something a bit different, and I’m not quite sure what – but not this.

Tepig into Pignite & Emboar

I think shiny Tepig is so bright and cute! It’s downfall comes with the rest of its evolution line. As much as I love blue flames on a Pokemon, I just don’t like Emboar anyway.

Torracat into Incineroar

I think Incineroar looks strange in white. Torracat is cute, but Incineroar just looks awful in its shiny form.

Cosmoem into Solgaleo

Top marks for that beautiful pink for Cosmoem, but Solgaleo stayed in the sun waaaaaay too long. Next time, use a suncream with a high SPF. Lunala’s shiny looks amazing though.

Clobbopus into Grapploct

Hot take: I don’t like shiny Grapploct. I just think it looks strange in comparison to Clobbopus. I’m sorry, guys! I tried liking it, but I just couldn’t. I think it’s the face. It’s probably the face.

Rhyhorn into Rhydon & Rhyperior

I don’t really dislike either Rhydon or Rhyperior’s shinies, but I think the copper on Rhyhorn looks far superior. That’s pretty much it.

Pikipek into Trumbeak & Toucannon

For me, the weak point comes to the beaks of Trumbeak and Toucannon. I don’t particularly like the colour pallette chosen, and I feel that a rainbow colouring would have been nicer.

Vanillite into Vanillish and Vanilluxe

Vanillite is pink, which I love, but I hate that Vanillish and Vanilluxe just revert back to blue when evolved. I was so disappointed when I evolved my shiny Vanillite and I got that.

Skorupi into Drapion

Shiny Skorupi is really nice, with multiple shades of red. And Drapion just looks very underwhelming by comparison. I don’t like the muted colours on Drapion, and it looks too similar to its normal colouration.

Piloswine into Mamoswine

I love the bright yellow that Piloswine gives us here, and it’s a lovely yellow. Moving onto Mamoswine, and it’s just a horrid mossy green, which I’ve never been a huge fan of.

2 thoughts on “Terrible Shinies Evolved from Great Shinies – Part 2

  1. Tim

    I agree with almost all of these. In fact, some of my least favorite shinies are on this list.

    *sees Toucannon*

    Awww. I love the blue legged bird.


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