What Is My Favourite Pokemon Type – Shiny Edition

Hey guys! A while back I did a post that ranked all of the Pokemon types by how much I enjoyed them. Well, today I’m doing the same but with the shiny forms! How fun!

And because we all know shinies can be hit or miss, it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.

18) Ice – 50%

The biggest issue that I have with Ice-type shinies is that a lot of them don’t differ much from their normal counterparts – take the likes of the Alolan Vulpix line, for example, as well as the Snom line. However, the Sneasel and Amaura lines more than make up for the otherwise lacklustre shinies.

17) Fighting – 56.76%

I have to come out and say it: I don’t like shiny Grapploct. Some of these shinies aren’t my cup of tea, like with the Hitmons (Hitmonlee aside), Chesnaught and Scraggy. But then we have Galarian Zapdos and Toxicroak, which are beautiful shinies.

16) Flying – 57.98%

Drifloon is a gorgeous shiny, as is the Rookidee line. There are many good shinies in the Flying-type category, but then that’s offset with almost as many bad shinies, such as all of the Kami Trio members and forms, as well as three out of four Oricorio forms. I’m just gonna give a quick shout-out to the Galarian Birds just for having the same shiny colour schemes as their Kantonian regular counterparts.

15) Fairy – 58.44%

As much as I love Fairy-type shinies in general, the amount of forms in the Flabebe line makes this entry so much lower than it should have been – without all of the forms, Fairy would have actually been in 6th position here. But we get Mega Mawile, Sylveon and even Aromatisse in the good pile!

14) Bug – 59.78%

Again, like with the Flabebe line in Fairy, the Burmys and Wormadams let the Bug-types down, but not by nearly as much. After all, we get the beautiful Kricketot line, as well as Genesect and Pheromosa.

12=) Normal – 60.56%

Normal is definitely a bit of a mixed bag, and could have been better if I had not included all of the Deerling and Sawsbuck forms (I swear this is some kind of trend right now I dunno). However, at least it was boosted by all of the Furfrou forms as well as our God and Saviour Bidoof.

12=) Electric – 60.56%

Electric kinda has the same problem as some of the others, in that we have several Rotom forms. It doesn’t feel like there’s many great Electric-type shinies, but I’m definitely fond of Charjabug, of course.

Even though this type tied with Normal, there were more Normal-type shinies that I liked than there were Electric-types full stop, and that’s just due to the abundance of Normal-types that we had to work with.

11) Psychic – 63.93%

Galarian Slowking’s shiny was a bit of a let-down, wasn’t it? Never mind, there was also the very sunburnt Solgaleo, as well as the unfortunate Meditite looking like a sunburnt baby. But at least Lunala and Necrozma got things right, so at least we have that.

10) Ground – 64.2%

The Curse of the Multiple Forms is back, with the gender variants of Hippopotas and Hippowdon, not to mention both versions of Gastrodon. But Mega Garchomp got a nice shiny upgrade from its unnoticeable regular counterpart. Plus we had Camerupt and Primal Groudon.

9) Fire – 65.06%

There are some really good Fire-type shinies here, and I seem to be the only person out there that is okay with the shiny forms of the entire Scorbunny line. I also can’t go without mentioning Cyndaquil, as well as Ponyta. They’re just really nice shinies!

8) Grass – 65.83%

Grass-types have a cool thing where some of them look a bit more autumnal in their shiny forms – Trevenant just looks pure dead with autumn leaves, while Breloom is highlighted with red. Of course, we get all of the Deerling and Sawsbuck, so meh.

7) Water – 66.24%

As much as I despised the Chewtle and Sobble hunts, I at least appreciate their shinies – and unpopular opinion, I quite like shiny Inteleon! Can we point out how awful Golduck looks, as well as Starmie? Thankfully a lot of Water-types have good shinies, even if they are mostly pink…

6) Rock – 69.86%

Thankfully there aren’t that many awful Rock-types, because the list of good ones include all of the Lycanroc forms, as well as Corsola and Gigalith (ooh). I just don’t like either variant of Graveler, because they just look like turds.

5) Steel – 76.06%

Steel-types have some amazing shinies behind it, including the entire Beldum line and Honedge line. Thankfully there aren’t many bad ones, but there are some that are barely noticeable, such as the Cufant line and Duraludon.

4) Dark – 77.14%

Funnily enough, some of the bad shinies actually come from really good pre-evolved Pokemon that had amazing shinies – such as Tyranitar, Mega Houndoom and Incineroar. But damn I love me some shiny Weavile and Absol…

3) Ghost – 80.95%

Ghosts usually come out with great shinies – for example, Giratina (both forms, admittedly) and the very vivid Spiritomb. However, let’s just ignore Gengar and Shedinja, as there is little to no difference there.

2) Dragon – 85.29%

Dragonite, Garchomp and the Mega Latios/Latias are a couple of the few that just aren’t great in their shiny forms. Dragonite didn’t need to be that horrible green. But two of my favourite shinies come from this type – Dragonair and Kommo-o, so that counts for something.

1) Poison – 87.18%

Turns out there are a lot of good Poison-type shinies. No wonder I made my own shiny mono-type Poison team! Galarian Slowking was sadly disappointing compared to its coutnerpart, Galarian Slowbro. To make up for that, we have Nidoking, Arbok and Venomoth.

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