Things I Haven’t Done In Lockdown

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Hey guys! So as of writing, us in the UK have just finished our second ‘lockdown’ (boo), and I just wanted to go over the things that a lot of other people have done, but I haven’t had the pleasure (or displeasure) of doing either during or after the first lockdown.

1. Piling on the weight

I mean, we’ve all gained a little weight, but I honestly haven’t been gaining that much. Considering I always used to eat out before lockdown, it’s just not something that I’ve been able to do much of. I mean, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone somewhere to eat since March’s lockdown, and only once during the Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

I was supposed to go for an afternoon tea with friends, but our local restrictions were tightened literally on the day of, so we had to cancel.

2. Found a job

This was a lot harder, considering I was struggling to find work in the first place. But there’s just been nothing that I’ve been able to gain. Since then, I’ve decided to try and create my own job. Of course, there’s an announcement about that in December.

3. Write a book

Y’know, this is on a technicality, but I was half-expecting to knuckle down and actually finish a full novel. But that’s just not happened. I find it more difficult to commit to a full novel some days, and while I’ve been writing a book of short stories, some of the content was lifted from some short stories that I’d initially had posted to this blog, and gone back to re-edit.

4. Baking

As much as I wanted to bake, I just kept forgetting. I put it down to being hooked on Animal Crossing, shiny hunting and writing content for the blog, and later on my WIP. I did make some chocolate salami, but the cake idea just kinda went out of the window.

5. Follow Joe Wick’s PE lessons

I’m ashamed, I just wasn’t feeling the early mornings and the child-geared PE lessons. Plus the living room was a real mess, and I just didn’t have the room in the space (I mean, I have more room now, but still).

6. Panic-buying

Holy hell, why have people been panic-buying toilet roll of all things? I’ve been lucky that I’ve not had a toilet roll shortage (we’d stocked up long before the pandemic was a fever dream), but it had me worried. I thought that we’d learned from the first time, but people are still panic-buying and it’s ridiculous.

Also think about the amount of waste created by all of the expired food that people have been panic-buying. Who needs dozens of bags of Doritos anyway?

I actually kinda want some Doritos right now.

7. Learning a new language

Yeah I probably spent a couple of days actually trying, and then forgetting. I’m just a bit dreadful when it comes to learning new languages now, and that’s just facts. It’s not as if I have an incentive to right now, though, until travel plans get put back on again.

8. Had a virtual party

I’d rather talk to these people face-to-face, if I’m honest. I’ve done some Zoom meetings with a mindfulness group every Monday for a while, which was helpful, and that led on to counselling and coaching. But I haven’t had a Zoom meeting with friends in order to party and have wine. I’m happy with that, honestly.

9. Go out of town for the day

The only time I’ve been out of town since lockdown was to go to an ice cream parlour about a 30 minute drive away. We literally got there, had ice cream and went back home. I’ve sorely missed being able to go to other places freely – the last time was for my birthday back in February. But with the restrictions and the awkward bus times, it just wasn’t worth it at all.

10. Been bored enough to do something silly

I’ve seen a lot of memes going around saying that the people were so bored they did silly or mundane things. But I actually tried to keep myself busy. If I wasn’t writing, I was reading. If I wasn’t reading, I was playing games. If I wasn’t doing anything, I’d make wax melts or go on a walk. Or take a nap.

11. Installed TikTok

I actually uninstalled it.

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