I Rank the Naruto Openings

Hey guys! Openings are fun, aren’t they? They tend to be either heavily spoilerific or just generic depending on the arc. Today, I’m going to rank all nine openings for the original Naruto airing. You can watch them all here and tell me that I’m wrong…or right, whichever you choose!

9. Re:member (OP 8)

I will say that all of the filler openings tend to be lower quality than the openings for canon arcs, and Naruto does suffer quite heavily with this. This opening just isn’t that great, and while the song is higer energy than most, I just don’t get the wholesome feeling that I feel in others, and it’s one that I often forget about.

8. Yura Yura (OP 9)

Yura Yura, as low-key as it is, is heartwarming in its own right. I do pick fault with how the animator made the girls wear their normal attire (as opposed to how the boys look), and how young they made them. The girls looked around 8-9 to me, rather than 13-14 like they should.

But it’s one of those openings that kinda sticks with you.

7. No Boy, No Cry (OP 6)

This is a high-energy opening coming off the back of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, as well as starting to lead in to the filler arcs. It’s the highest filler opening that we have on this list today, and that’s because it feels so impactful when you watch it.

I mean, they did Ino dirty by just having her sit there in her section rather than actually having her prep her Mind Transfer Jutsu. I know they want the females in the series to be shit, but come on!

6. Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni (OP 3)

This is one of those openings that didn’t necessarily have to be there, but it’s there and we’re not complaining. We start seeing a lot of character story within the openings now, especially between Naruto and Gaara, and the character stories and comparisons start becoming more common in the openings (although not as much as the endings and in Shippuden).

5. Seishun Kyosokyoku (OP 5)

This is literally a fun opening to talk about. It starts off the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, and it actually has several versions, including adding the flak jacket to Shikamaru, adding the Sand Siblings and Kimimaro, as well as Might Guy and Rock Lee showing off some moves while crying into the horizon in the version previous. It’s quite a nice set of openings.

4. Namikaze Satellite (OP 7)

I literally can’t seem to find the English dub version of this opening, where the montage is changed to the characters just doing their thing. But this is a great OP that also punches you in the feels, despite it being a filler-centric opening. It’s also now been heavily referenced in this Boruto opening.

3. R*O*C*K*S (OP 1)

This is the kind of no-frills opening you need to start off the anime, as it just introduces Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi, and that’s pretty much all you need from this. I still get nostalgia for the time when I thought Kakashi was the strongest ninja (oh how wrong I was…).

English dub viewers won’t remember this opening, as they used a different opening instead, as was common for English dub versions to get their own openings at the time. Both are still pretty good though, I gotta admit. Better than the German version (although that’s still hilarious to watch, I still crease at “Sasookay”).

2. Haruka Kanata (OP 2)

This is such a good opening, and it’s more high-energy compared to R*O*C*K*S, and introduces a lot more characters that will end up being the focus of the story going forward.

I can’t seem to find it, but the English dub got its own variation of this opening.

1. GO!!! (OP 4)

So it turns out the artist, FLOW, book-ends this ranking list! GO!!! is perhaps one of the most iconic openings throughout the franchise. Literally ask any Naruto fan what their top 5 openings are, and this may just be in every one. It’s so high-energy off the back of the previous opening, and finally introduces a brand new arc.

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