Terrible Shinies Evolved from Great Shinies – Part 1

Hey guys! Don’t you think that sometimes things are better left untouched. So here are the Pokemon that looked worse as their shiny forms evolved. And this is only one part of two!

Today’s honourable mention is Glastrier fusing into Shadow Rider Calyrex, where the Glastrier doesn’t look any different to its regular counterpart, despite being shiny.

Gossifleur into Eldegoss

I really love shiny Gossifleur, but it looks very strange as Eldegoss. I miss the grey/blue hair, the green body, the white face and the gorgeous pink petals! I miss it all!

Dragonair into Dragonite

This is just a fat load of nope. It makes me wish Dragonite was blue instead, to call back to the original colouring of Dratini and Dragonair. Dragonair, on the other hand, is a beautiful dream in pink.

Shellder into Cloyster

Shellder has to be one of my favourite shinies based on colour alone. But as much as I like the blue on Cloyster, I wish it was orange instead.

Koffing into Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing’s shiny literally looks like shit. I love the pink smoke and light teal body on Koffing, so to see it take such a downhill turn is sad. I mean, at least make the body a bit more fitting of the Fairy-type?

Haunter into Gengar

Haunter is easier to guess, considering it has a blue tongue. But Gengar looks way too similar to its normal counterpart. This is an issue we see in too many shiny forms, it’s no good.

Gabite into Garchomp

Speaking of shinies that barely change, we have Garchomp. It’s a shame, because Gabite looks amazing in bright blue, and I among others can agree that we should have had this brightness in our lives for Garchomp.

Nidorina into Nidoqueen

Invert the colours on Nidoqueen so that the green is the accenting colour instead of pink. The green with pink accents on Nidoqueen are just awful. *Nidoking forever!*

Skiploom into Jumpluff

The colour scheme for Skiploom should have been kept for Jumpluff, with the puffballs being yellow. Pink and yellow as a colour scheme together is a dream, and nothing works for Jumpluff.

Makuhita into Hariyama

I love love love shiny Makuhita. It’s the subtle change from grey to red on its accents that works. Hariyama…no. I don’t like the vivid purple and red combinations, it makes it look too much for the eyes.

Dusclops into Dusknoir

I love shiny Duskull and Dusclops. But Dusknoir – as much as I like it on its own, I don’t like the deviation away from the red colouring. It just deviated too far away for my personal liking.

2 thoughts on “Terrible Shinies Evolved from Great Shinies – Part 1

  1. Tim

    I agree with almost all of these, though I am quite fond of Jumpluff’s all-pink shiny. No clue why…I’ve just always had a soft spot for it.


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