The Fall and Rise – NaNoWriMo 4

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Hey guys! So as it turns out, I didn’t actually do an introduction to last week’s short story. Whoops! Well, never mind that!

I’m bringing you the final part of this NaNoWriMo challenge! It’s been an interesting ride, but here you go! This was a repurposed form of a story I had for another project.

Salazar stared blankly, the view of his realm fixed as he was. He cursed the day that that witch had sealed his fate, centuries ago. Salazar’s thoughts plagued him that entire time, and so he wished to voice them to the open air. Alas, his mouth was frozen agape. He was still unable to moe or exist, except within his own private domain that was his mind.

A frozen statue, Salazar could only think of the different ways that things could have been different. He did this several times a day, with nothing else to think of, with nothing else to do, with nobody else to talk to. He would only have to wait a little longer, after all. A new age would come, and he would inevitably creep up unannounced – it was just a matter of when.

The constant ‘what ifs’ kept running through his mind, because what else could he do?

What would have happened if he had chosen a new patron to do his bidding? What would have happened if someone else had offered their services? Would they have gotten it right? Would they have been able to merge the physical and magical realms just as he wished it so? How would they have been able to do it? Would they have been a new Supreme Leader? A socialite, perhaps? Or even just an underling?

What would have happened if that damned Aeros had managed to achieve the impossible and completely merge with Salazar? What would have been the result? At what cost would the transformation have been? How powerful would Aeros had become? Just how far would he have gone to attain such power?

But what if Aeros had turned face? Would he have managed to redeem himself, and for who? For the city? For that witch? What about his pathetic demonic underlings?

Would Salazar himself have been dethroned? What if someone else took his place? What if his original plans were a success? Should have locked away that damned witch when he had the chance. But would it have mattered who was at her side? Would all of her friends had been at her side, or even the Crown Princess? Anyone else that was wronged by Aeros would have gladly stepped up, surely? But she did it alone – maybe that was what she had wanted in the first place. She was powerful enough for that. 

What would have become of Eldoor? Salazar was biding his time, waiting for the right moment when Eldoor was fragile, in order to strike out and perpetuate the cycle all over again. But there could well be a new cycle, with a new witch at the helm, ready to dethrone and freeze him in time once again. He might as well not even exist.

He should have been more careful. He should have created opportunities to bargain, to make sure the ball was in his court. He could easily have made the world a safe haven initially, lulling everyone into a false sense of security. Yes, that might actually work!

From the way his form started feeling warmer, he knew that it wouldn’t be too long before his second chance would come. And he knew just what to do.

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