Top 10 Early-Route Bug Pokemon

Can you believe I’ve been doing these posts for so long now? Crazy, huh? And there are still so many topics to go over, so why not carry on?

As usual, I’ll be going over my general enjoyment of these Bugs, as well as their uses in the game once evolved, so they’ll probably be short descriptions.

10. Ledyba


It’s a ladybird, but we all know that Orbeetle is the superior ladybird around here. Next?

9. Scatterbug


I like Scatterbug evolving into Spewpa, and then Vivillon, with the latter’s pattern depending on the game’s location. It kinda makes me wish that I’d launched another Y playthrough when I was in Portugal, but still. It’s still not the best bug in the batch though, I’m afraid.

8. Nincada


I like Nincada for its gimmick of evolving into two Pokemon simultaneously (under the right circumstances) – Ninjask and Shedinja. Apart from that though, it’s alright I guess.

7. Spinarak


Spinarak’s pretty cute, and Ariados is okay, albeit a bit bad in terms of stats. I just feel that we see a lot of Bug/Poison Pokemon though. It’s shiny form is really good, though.

6. Caterpie


Caterpie eventually becomes a Butterfree (after spending so long hardening itself as a Metapod), and looks pretty cool. I feel bad for Ash’s Butterfree in the anime – looking back, Ash didn’t really do much with it before releasing it so…

5. Kricketot


Kricketot is cute, but when it evolves, it goes DELELELEWOOP and that’s all I have to say on the matter.

4. Sewaddle


Sewaddle is absolutely adorable. Swadloon less so. Leavanny is just great in general. I’ve already talked about Leavanny at length before, though.

3. Cutiefly


Cutiefly is so small and adorable. When it does its cry, its little legs just flail around and it’s so precious! It evoles into the monster that is Ribombee, which always helps its cause. I just can’t get over how tiny and adorable Cutiefly is though.

2. Blipbug


Blipbug looks really nerdy and cute, but it evolves into the great Orbeetle in the end. Blipbug’s decent Special Attack in the beginning makes Struggle Bug quite a deadly move on the quiet early on. I enjoyed using it and Dottler, while using a Gigantamax Orbeetle in other circumstances.

1. Grubbin


Grubbin and its evolutionary line made me love Bug-types (sorry Scyther). It helped that you get Grubbin so early on in Alola, and then keep it as a Charjabug for the longest time before evolving it. Grubbin is a great asset to have.

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