What Is Happening? – Various Pokemon GO News

Hey guys! Because of stressful neighbour issues I’m having, my brain is completely fried, but let’s try and get through this news. All of this will be coming as soon as the beginning of December!

Level Cap Increase

Of course, a lot of you will remember the level cap increase was datamined a few months back, and it looks like it will be a reality very soon. We’re getting the level cap to 50, but it doesn’t look like those people that have done the grind to get to 40x (my way of saying that you hit level 40 multiple times) will be able to mass-collect levels.

XP alone will not get you to 50, as there are additional Research tasks in order for you to progress past each level. I’m currently at 40×3 (sitting at 72million XP), so that won’t take me to 50 even if there wasn’t a task-based system, but at this time where I’m gearing up to quit Pokemon GO for good, I’m going to take my time with this. There’s also a hint about Platinum medals too, which is very interesting, considering I alluded to that a long time ago.

Of course, the level cap increase means that we’ll be able to level up our Pokemon up to 50, but I think there’ll only be a smaller percentile to make sure that the Pokemon won’t be as OP. It’ll mean a lot of changes to Go Battle League and raiding. Of course, we’ll be able to power these up by using something new called XL Candy, which can be collected via catching Pokemon and converting currently existing candy (hello to my over 7,000 Rattata candy!).

If you’re in Australia, you’re the guinea pigs! Have fun testing this for us! But the rest of us should get this around November 30th.

If you make Level 40 before the end of the year, you’re classed as a Legacy Level 40 Trainer, and access to special Research!

Kalos Pokemon

We. Still. Don’t. Have. All. Pokemon. From. Unova. Yet we’re getting Kalos Pokemon? I mean, the one thing I ask for is that Pancham doesn’t get restricted to a PvP or Egg or Raid thing, because I want my Pangoro ASAP. As you may know it’s one of my favourite Pokemon, so I don’t want it to get Shinxed. Sadly Pancham won’t be in this wave, but later on…

Also Klefki will be made available as a regional in parts of France – which was confusing at first glance, but the etymology stacks up, so I can’t complain. I was expecting Furfrou to be here, but we’ll see. When the world rights itself, I’ll just hop across the Channel and get one (never been to France so that’ll be a fun journey anyway).


This is interesting, but this is a new feature kinda like weather in the game, reflecting real-world seasons. This obviously is affected by hemispheres, so a southern Christmas doesn’t get the snowy stuff that we’d get here up north! Like weather, the spawns are affected, which will be quite fun. Of course, it’s a three-month cycle, going through each of the seasons.

Deerling will be affected by this seasonal change, as its seasonal variants will be affected by the seasons.

Overall, while this is an interesting development, it kinda paints over the glaring issues with the monetisation that I am still bitter about, I can’t lie.

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