Black Mirror – Shut Up And Dance Review

Hey guys! This is just a reminder to be good to others online, and don’t do anything too shady!

Conceptually one of my favourite episodes in the series (but we’ll get onto that ol’ tier list later), Shut Up And Dance is very interesting to say the least. We see a woman looking very sketchy, hooded and getting alerts from her phone. But that’s all for now, as we now focus on Kenny, who’s a kitchen worker. He seems helpful, going out of his way to give a toy back to a child, but otherwise very unappreciated by the other staff members. I mean, it happens.

Of course, his sister steals his laptop, gets it back and installs some kind of virus on it. So, as most people do, he installs an anti-malware. We’ve all been there. But this anti-malware was actually a malware, and opened up his camera. And he starts watching porn, so you can see where this is gong. I mean, to be honest there’s no issue with watching porn, or…doing the five-knuckle-shuffle to it, definitely. So it surprises me when he gets a threatening message, and this plagues him for the rest of the episode. Why would he be held captive because he jacked off to porn? Well, enough of that for now, but he look visibly distressed. That’s the danger of downloading strange stuff online, ladies, gents and enbies!

The whole episode is based on the suspense of the wild goose chase that everyone – Kenny, the cake delivery guy and Hector have to go on. There was that weird kid at the hotel lobby, though. I mean, Hector wanting a prostitute online while married with a family, basically got catfished for the information. Kenny’s really torn up about jerking off to porn, and even Hector didn’t see the problem.

Kenny’s hugely in over his head with this, espeically with the bank robbery and the face-off against the man in the woods.

The title ‘Shut Up And Dance’ refers to the way that these people are being controlled by an unknown force, which basically tells them to do as such. Of course, it leads to false hope that everything will just go away but even after the fact, everything that these people did gets out.

The shocking twist at the end that Kenny was actually watching a certain kind of porn that we will not mention here on this blog. But it means that the perception of Kenny that we had initially has completely warped, just like that of Victoria from White Bear. They parallel, as they have been portrayed as the victim in the beginning, only to…actually not be. Looking back at the episode again, it’s clear the signs. That scene where he gives the kid her toy back is just disgusting now. And now that I realise that he’s doing the thing to, well, I won’t say, no wonder he was distressed by all of this.

Basically I would call this a scavenger hunt version of White Bear. No wonder this is a favourite alongside that. In a way though, I feel it’s a bit redundant after White Bear. But this has the additional message of being careful on the internet.

Oh this was so good! The next episode is San Junipero!

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