Pikachu Clones Ranked

Pikachu clones have been a staple of the franchise, with the developers and designers coming up with different rodents to have as the region’s clone of the mascot, Pikachu.

It’s actually come to my attention that I rarely use a Pikachu clone in any of my playthroughs, and usually, I have no inkling to change that. But I wanted to make this list anyway.

I also included the non-Electric-types that are considered Pikachu clones!

8. Plusle/Minun


With these two Pikachu clones, it’s a case of getting two for the price of one. However, there’s not much else to them than that. They are basically a pair of cheerleaders, with slightly different stats. They’re like a pair of eyebrows – not twins, just sisters, as I like to say. Basically, there are better Electric-types to use in Hoenn.

7. Morpeko


I just kinda feel that Morpeko should have offered a bit more, in my opinion. I was expecting more from its Ability Hunger Switch, and it shouldn’t be a switch after every turn. I was under the impression that after a while, it would switch to Hangry Mode, and after eating a held Berry, it would revert back to Full Belly Mode. Give it Recycle as a learned move to ensure that it would be able to obtain another Berry to take advantage of going back and forth. It was a missed opportunity. It is really cute though, I’ll give it that.

6. Emolga


For me, Emolga is just outclassed by other Electric/Flying-types that I would prefer to use. The only thing it’s got going for it (apart from cuteness) is its Speed. While it is really cute, there’s not a whole lot to Emolga aside from that.

5. Pachirisu


Even though I really like Pachirisu, I put this one lower on the list because there are others that I just prefer. It’s most famous for being part of Sejun Park’s winning World Championship team back in 2014, with the emphasis on defensive strategies and using the move Follow Me.

4. Marill


I have Marill on this list because it was known as Pikablu when it was first seen, and was effectively the first Pikachu clone, even if it was informally. It’s quite easy to get an Azumarill from it, you just need to level it up to 18. Azumarill’s a great defensive Pokemon, and if it has Huge Power, it’s definitely converted to an attacking Pokemon. Plus shiny Azumarill is just perfect.

3. Togedemaru


Togedemaru is a Pokemon I haven’t properly used before, but I love its design completely. I’m really aware that it’s got some great attacking moves, as well as a solid Attack stat to boot. It’s a hedgehog, of which I adore hedgehogs in general, so it wins bonus points for that.

2. Dedenne


Dedenne is so high on this list because of its design. I love that it went for a cute, round ball of cuteness, and made its features based off of antennae. I never really realised just how small Dedenne is, either. Because it was introduced in Kalos, it took advantage of the new Fairy-type, giving us the very first Electric/Fairy combination.

1. Mimikyu


Mimikyu was the Pikachu clone that I was most looking forward to after its announcement, as it’s different to the others. Mimikyu disguises itself as Pikachu to be loved more, and it worked – Mimikyu placed higher than Pikachu on the Pokemon of the Year poll this year. I just really like Mimikyu for its design and lore, and I like seeing fanart of Mimikyu disguised as other Pokemon.

2 thoughts on “Pikachu Clones Ranked

  1. Tim

    Mimikyu may well be the best of the Pikaclones (I don’t know that it’s really even all that close), but I have a soft spot for Emolga. It’s terrible, but I quite like it.


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