This Did Not Spark Joy – Electabuzz Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! Of course, today was Electabuzz Community Day, and it was part of a two-part special, with Magmar’s turn coming next week. And let’s just say that it left a lot to be desired.

Of course, we don’t expect much from a company that encourages us to give them all of our money, not to mention lift the stay-at-home benefits while the entire world is still in the middle of a massive pandemic.

At least they gave us quartered distance on our Eggs to hatch Elekid. That counts for something, right? Well actually no, because you weren’t guaranteed to hatch Elekid from the 2km eggs. Case in point, I found out the hard way when I hatched a Zubat.

I mean, fair. We get two Community Days this month because March’s had to be postponed, so we get Electabuzz and Magmar, which makes sense considering they are counterparts. But if Magmar turns out the way that Electabuzz did, then I’m not optimistic for next Saturday.

With Electabuzz, the spawns were hella plentiful, I’ll give it that. The timed Research gave us Sinnoh Stones to help with evolving into Electivire, which was cool and I like how that’s become a trend now. But the catch rate…ouch! I even had trouble catching a low CP, Golden Razz Berried, Ultra Ball with a green circle Electabuzz, because it either kept jumping and attacking, or just refused to stay in the ball. This was troublesome, because I know that they are able to vary the catch rates – they did this during Larvitar Community Day. I kept thinking to myself that Electabuzz was the hardest Community Day since they started.

At the beginning, I ended up wasting a lot of balls, and most of my shinies were caught in either Great or Ultra Balls rather than Poke Balls. In the long run, this doesn’t matter because later on they’ll be tossed into Let’s Go and into Home from there, because of the issue concerning the monetisation to transfer from GO to Home. So in the end I just stuck to checking, then only catching if they were shiny or needed for the Research. It made things easier going forward.

At least I managed to go for a walk around the local park after the rain let up, but you couldn’t tell that we were back in lockdown, with all of the crowds and the kids’ playground open. But I was mostly frustrated with the catch rate, the people, and the fact that I needed the loo, so I went home earlier than I normally would have done. I finished with 14 shinies, at least. And all of them got dumped into Let’s Go…

I think the highlight of the day was a puppy waltzing up to me for attention. And I was more than happy to comply. Her name was Luna and she was absolutely precious.

So, let’s see how next week goes…

2 thoughts on “This Did Not Spark Joy – Electabuzz Community Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    Yeah, this was one of the worst Community Days we’ve had to this point. I’m not even saying that out of my frustration with Niantic for how they handled the Home integration — it was just a bad day. I barely played.

    Liked by 1 person

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