My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers – The Final Line-Up

Hey guys! As you may know, I’ve not been uploading any Animal Crossing content for a while, the Halloween event aside. That’s been because there’s not been a whole lot to go over. I did originally want to do a Dream Villager series, but that’s more suited to YouTube.

Anyway, now that I have my ten villagers that I’m really happy with, I’m going to go over them here!


Twiggy has been a mainstay since the early days of Laranjeira. I daren’t get rid of her because I actually prefer the basic peppy house over her normal house. Plus I’m sure Connor would be gutted, considering Twiggy is one of Connor’s favourite villagers, too.


Chief was that one campsite villager that I couldn’t get to move into my island (without moving out someone else that I wanted to keep), before I knew about the reset trick. Of course, I managed to find him on a villager hunt, and he’s been my favourite cranky villager to be on my island.


Stitches was the one villager that I spent a long time hunting for. I’d wanted him on my island since I first heard of him, and the fact that he shares my birthday. He’s one of only two popular villagers that I have currently on my island. I used to have more, but I traded them in for villagers that were more to my preferences.


Dom is the only other popular villager, and I just think he’s great. He fits in seamlessly in the Laranjeira atmosphere, and he’s just a whole lot of fun. I was missing the right jock villager since Pierce left, and Boots and Roald didn’t quite hit the spot, but Dom did. I will admit I fell asleep in the villager hunt shortly before I found him!


Sydney, like Stitches, is one of my favourite villagers. She’s so cute, and I regretted letting her go before, but I’ve since found her again so she had to come back. I couldn’t leave her. So now she’s certainly a forever villager. I do plan on cosplaying Sydney in the future (because I really finish all of my cosplans).


Ozzie is Connor’s ultimate favourite villager, and he was my first lazy, so he had the mud home. I did have to say goodbye to him at one point, for the sole purpose of getting his actual home, which is more of a classroom workshop home, but it’s worth it to have Ozzie back. He is really cute, too, and has a way different vibe to Stitches, which I appreciate so much.


I will admit that I wanted Willow for her colour palette alone, as I subconsciously love pink and yellow together, as you might be aware. But I think her soft exterior actually makes her a snooty villager that doesn’t seem rude, and the theme kinda carries over to another villager on this list.


O’Hare was a fun villager to find, considering I didn’t anticipate him being on the island until quite late into the hunts. But he fits in too well to not take, and he’s one of the only smug villagers that really appealed to me.


The issue with Diva (one of my starters) is that she came across as really rude, but then I ended up with Phoebe, and she just feels a lot friendlier as a sisterly. I found Phoebe randomly in a campsite, and I had to take her, considering she was one of my dreamies at the time. She kicked out Judy, and it was so worth it.


Bunnie was the last piece of the puzzle. While Tangy would have been a better fit for Laranjeira, I just preferred Bunnie, so when I found her on my last villager hunt, I knew I had to take her (I actually dressed in her outfit for the hunt).

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