The Last: Naruto the Movie Review

Today, I decided to do something a bit different with the review. As you are probably aware, the final Shippuden arcs take place after the events of The Last, and the film is deemed the only canon film in the series. With this in mind, I decided to review this film now, and then review the final Shippuden arcs in the final of the series.

Whether or not I review Boruto is still up for debate at time of writing.

So to preface, this entire film is basically a romance in the form of a Naruto story. I can imagine fanfiction writers didn’t envision the characters having to go on the moon and confess their feelings in that way.

The main focus of the film is the relationship between Naruto and Hinata. As it’s shown in flashbacks as well as before in the series, Hinata has loved Naruto since practically forever. And I’m serious when I say you see the flashbacks several different times, but from different angles.

First of all, Hanabi is precious. Second of all, they’ll be given some spotlight later but I absolutely love the designs from this era, as every character gets a really good design (apart from Naruto’s hair but I let that slide – I was expecting a more Minato-esque look in his adult years).

The bubble genjutsu is basically an excuse to shoehorn a bunch of flashbacks, but at least it makes Naruto aware of their mutual feelings.

Even though Hinata literally confessed to him in the middle of the battle against Pain, but still…

There’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in terms of romance, and even with the Big Bad Toneri wanting to marry Hinata after claiming Hanabi’s eyes. Seriously, what is it with ninja and body disfiguring? Even at the end when he becomes this huge eye monster. Yuck!

The common symbol in this story is the red scarf that Hinata keeps knitting (and failing) for Naruto. Now if the entire thing isn’t a huge symbol for the red string of fate, I don’t know what is. Either way, the main tragedy of the story is the three fallen scarves that were knitted but destroyed in a manner of ways – probably to symbolise the ‘almost-there-but-not-quite’ of their relationship. And she’s still knitting in the epilogue!

One thing that others have commented on in the series since the launch of Boruto is that how has everyone managed to sync their pregnancies so that all of their kids go to the Academy at the same time? Like we joke that they had a massive orgy or something. Bit strange if you ask me.

Overall, it’s one of the best films in terms of visuals and storytelling, as it is relevant to canon, and practically sets up more Otsutsuki fuckery in the future. Seriously, the space babies just won’t quit!

The biggest issue I had with this film was its release. The film was released after the manga had finished. That meant that anime-exclusive fans would see the trailer and know everything was fine and dandy.

Next time will be the last. I mean, it’ll be the last in this series. I’m not reviewing the film again.

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