Black Mirror – Playtest Review

Hey guys! Here’s something that’s a little more in the spirit of Halloween, admittedly. I’m reviewing Playtest, and I honestly don’t really want to watch this again – at least alone and in the dark, like I am right now as of writing. So this will be a shorter review, but I still want to give my opinions.

On paper, it’s horror. So if you don’t like horror films, this really isn’t for you. A guy, Cooper, has been travelling the world and gets stuck in the UK after identity theft. He ends up getting a job with SaitoGemu, and he has to test a new augmented reality technology. As someone who’s played Pokemon GO (and wrote about it), I find the aspect of augmented reality fascinating, and it’d be interesting if we had this sort of technology in the future.

He percevies the whack-a-mole game as real (note – this game features a logo with the same tattoo design and logo from White Bear, as well as Bandersnatch later on), as well as the haunted house that the game he is testing is based around. If I had this haunted house reality set up for me, it’d probably consist of wasps. Wasps, probably losing loved ones and the still-present PTSD triggers that I don’t really want to go into (writing this post the day after a trigger occurred).

I do love the different nods to video games that they have, such as the nods to Resident Evil, Dark Souls and BioShock.

Could you imagine that your perceived last moments involved some of your worst nightmares, because this was a thing, and that’s haunting.

So you know that old interference that you got when you were about to get a text message or a call back in the day? Yeah that perpetuates itself here, as it’s just a warning that there’s a huge risk with this technology. The moral of the story is to live and experience life, don’t put off your issues, and be the best kind of person you can be. I can wholly sympathise with him for not wanting to talk to his mum after such a tragedy, and if the relationship broke down between him and his mum, because I’ve had family relationships completely break down, and my relationship with my mum has almost crumbled a time or two.

I mean, I couldn’t realistically go into too much depth with this, on the basis that a lot of it is in his head, happening in the span of a fraction of a second. I feel like having someone else’s fears on display doesn’t make me keen on living through mine via an augmented reality game.

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