Eeveelutions Ranked

Hey guys! I’m sure that there’s not many people in the world that doesn’t like Eeveelutions, and I, for one, really love them as a concept and as individual Pokemon. 

However, it was so easy to rank them in this way.

So, let’s get on with my ranking of all of the Eeveelutions.

8. Flareon


Honestly, I think Flareon is most peoples’ least favourite Eeveelution. However, I don’t dislike Flareon. It’s a great attacker, don’t get me wrong, and it learns a great amount of Fire-type moves, but it just doesn’t do anything for me, personally.

7. Leafeon


I did use Leafeon briefly in a playthrough once upon a time, and while it had its uses, it saw itself being easily replaced. Like Flareon, I don’t dislike it, but I don’t really feel anything towards it. It’s surprisingly bulky in its Physical stat though, but there’s not really a whole lot that ensures that I pick up a Leafeon for a playthrough.

6. Glaceon


Glaceon kinda suffers from the same problem as Leafeon, but I just find Glaceon that bit prettier in both its aesthetic and cry, which allows it to place above Leafeon in that regard. It’s a shame that the Ice-type is generally a weak type in general, but I would still use Glaceon in a playthrough if I was able to get a hold of one early enough. It would usually be available too late to make great use of it – however, getting one from the Digging Duo in Sword/Shield would ensure an easier time getting one.

5. Vaporeon


Vaporeon’s definitely very useful, and it saw itself as an early meta in Pokemon Go. I love the aesthetic of Vaporeon, looking more like a type representative than most of the other Eeveelutions. Shiny Vaporeon looks amazing too, in the days before blue Pokemon were coloured pink in their shiny forms. If you’re short on a Water-type Pokemon, Vaporeon’s a good option to have!

4. Espeon


Before playing the Soul Link with Connor, I actually put Espeon lower on the list. However, Espeon became such a valuable asset during that playthrough, and I was so happy to have been able to use one properly for the first time. Never underestimate Espeon, that’s all I have to say. I also have to say that the shiny form is beautiful and nobody can change my mind.

3. Jolteon


Jolteon had to place high here for it being Connor’s all-time favourite Pokemon. Strangely enough, it gets a lot of Physical moves, despite being a Special attacker. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun using one in the Let’s Go games, as I brought over a spare shiny Eevee from Pokemon Go and evolved it into Jolteon. I don’t regret that, it was super-powerful for me.

2. Sylveon


The most recent Eeveelution has also been seen quite a lot in the tournament meta, and it’s great for a support role, getting access to a lot of status moves that either benefits its team or is detrimental to its opponents. I also think it’s really pretty, and it took advantage of the now-defunct Pokemon Amie/Refresh system (which was replaced with Camp in Gen 8).

1. Umbreon


I think if Umbreon was Poison-type like it was supposed to, I’d still find a great place in my cold, dead heart for Umbreon. Since I thought about what my favourite Eeveelution would be, it had to be Umbreon. It has everything that Sylveon has, except Umbreon just has that extra edge for me. In all honesty, both Umbreon and Sylveon could be tied for the top spot and that would please me.

4 thoughts on “Eeveelutions Ranked

  1. Tim

    I like all of the Eeveelutions, I feel like. Even my least favorite one (Leafeon) is still a Pokemon I like more than most other Pokemon. I feel like this would be a pretty hard ranking list for me to make.


      1. Tim

        I think my list would look something like this — though I’d probably change it if I put significant thought to it.

        8. Leafeon
        7. Flareon
        6. Sylveon
        5. Glaceon
        4. Jolteon
        3. Umbreon
        2. Vaporeon
        1. Espeon

        But like…I could justify any of the top 4 as my favorite Eeveelution. And even though Sylveon is sixth on this list, it’s one of my favorite Fairy types full stop.


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