Animal Crossing New Horizons – Halloween Thoughts!

Hey guys! We’ve just had Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I wanted to give my thoughts. It’s the first time I’ve done this kind of post, and I’ll do more like this in the future.

Of course, when we downloaded the update, there wasn’t anything significant on the update day (30th September), however we got Jack’s Portrait in the mail the day afterwards.

I had to build a farm garden, and I remember haphazardly placing my pumpkins everywhere. However, I decided to make it a lot neater going forward. I watched a video that gave me a few tips on how to place my pumpkins, and how to guarantee the colours that I wanted. I did this with two patches of orange pumpkins, and then two patches of the coloured ones – three of each on each patch. I wasn’t so keen on the cycle time of the pumpkins, so when you harvested it went to stage 2. But that’s because the way I organised them and watered them meant that I was inundated with more pumpkins than I knew what to do with. It just meant that I could make more spooky stuff to put around my island, though, so I couldn’t complain about that.

I liked how you could buy any of the spooky furniture (aside from the fence) at Nook’s Cranny, but I still preferred to at least have the DIY and make it myself, just to get that check mark on the entry.

The villagers started getting in the mood for Halloween pretty early – I recall Bunnie being especially excited.

The update to the Nintendo phone app allows you to use reactions from your phone, which is pretty impressive – including the two new Halloween specials reactions (which are permanent). I like the gameplay to be streamlined, so updates like this is a great way to keep the gameplay easier.

One thing I did have an issue with was mainly my own personal life. I wasn’t able to spend every day playing the game, either due to new projects coming up or illnesses – I had sciatic pain, migraines and an ear infection all in the same week. The game got put on the backburner, and then was outshone by the Crown Tundra DLC drop for Pokemon Sword.

As for the Halloween event itself, it was pretty quick. I ended up getting all of the items and DIYs pretty quickly from the villagers and Jack, and even when I went over to my friend Steve’s island on his stream yesterday, it was pretty basic. I was expecting more flair, if I’m honest, but hey ho, that’s something for next time.

Imagine if you could put one of your custom designs on a pumpkin? That would have been amazing.

On the plus side, it was heartwarming knowing that Zucker remembers me – for context, I gave my Zucker to Steve when the stars aligned!

How did your Halloween event go? I mean, I gotta clean up the spooky stuff now, though…

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