Unova Pokemon That Should Have Been Introduced in Pokemon GO

Hey guys! I know there’s usually an anime post going up on Fridays, but I thought I’d fill in the gap this week and write this post.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and considering the trickling of Unova Pokemon we’ve had over the course of the year, there are some that haven’t been released yet, that should have been – namely all of the other non-Legendary Pokemon.

For this, I’ve looked at every event that has launched since the release of the Unova wave, and just decided that all of these Pokemon belonged in an event of some kind. Here is my breakdown, and the events in which they belonged in.

Munna / Musharna

Event: Psychic Spectacular

Gothita and Solosis were introduced during this event, so it seems bizarre that Munna and Musharna were left out. However, Niantic could be holding off for the release of Pokemon Sleep, to tie in an event to that. However, that game was announced back in May 2019, with no sign of release.

Zorua / Zoroark

Event: Halloween 2019/2020 / Tricky Pokemon

Yes, there are several different events for this fan-favourite evolution line. Zorua and Zoroark are illusionists (which was why the Investigating Illusions Special Research was rumoured to be for them). Halloween would have been perfect because of the Trick-or-Treat set-up. However, Niantic created the perfect event for them in the form of the Tricky Pokemon event, and decided not to include them.

Vanillite / Vanillish / Vanilluxe

Event: Holiday 2019 / Summer Solstice

Of course, the Vanillite line is based on ice cream cones, which is why I went two different routes. The Holiday event would be fitting for it as an Ice-type. However the Summer Solstice gives us the best of both worlds, as it would still instill the Ice-type requirements for the Southern Hemisphere, while keeping it summery up here in the north.

Frillish / Jellicent

Event: Halloween 2019/2020

Honestly, this was a hard one. My first instinct was to release it for a Water-based event, but we haven’t actually had one this year. So my attention turned to the Halloween events, considering they are part-Ghost.

Tynamo / Eelektrik / Eelektross

Event: A Drive To Investigate Launch

I struggled with this one, but all the same, I remembered that the A Drive To Investigate launch coincided with increased spawns of Electric-type Pokemon. As Tynamo is Electric-type, it would have been a great release. However, I can see Tynamo being released as part of a different event now.

Mienfoo / Mienshao

Event: Lunar New Year / GO Battle League Season 1 Launch

The GO Battle League launch event saw an increase in Fighting-type Pokemon, with shiny Timburr released. Mienfoo would have been right at home here, although it could also been fitting in the Lunar New Year event, considering it’s partly red.


Event: Dragon Week

Thanks to my good friend Sam for reminding me that Druddigon exists (I forgot it on my list). As such, it should have been a Dragon Week release. It just makes the most sense. It would have made up for the lack of Deino. Although I suspect that Druddigon would have been just as rare.

Larvesta / Volcarona

Event: Summer Solstice / Bug Out

GO Hub actually has Volcarona listed as a viable counter to Genesect despite it not being released. Moving on, I have Volcarona listed in the Summer Solstice event because it’s categorised as the Sun Pokemon. And because it’s also part-Bug, the Bug Out event is another obvious choice.

5 thoughts on “Unova Pokemon That Should Have Been Introduced in Pokemon GO

  1. Steve Reid

    And now Gen 6 has launched apparently and we’re still missing all of these, and with Noibat needing 400 candy to evolve, it’s going to be problematic releasing Larvesta soon as that’s a lot of Rare Candy expenditure


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