My (New) Top 10 Pokemon

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did a post with my top 10 Pokemon of all-time, and things certainly have changed. I’ve used different Pokemon, I’ve grown attached to some, and others have kinda fallen by the wayside. Of course, I did my original top 10 taking Galar Pokemon into account, so at least we have that!

10. Golurk

I’ll always have a soft spot for this hulking giant, ever since the Shield Nuzlocke back in the day. I love its shiny form too, it’s so good! Honestly I get a bit giddy when I see Golurk in the Dynamax Adventure dens, because then it’s a chance to get a shiny encounter!

9. Toxapex

Toxapex won its way onto this list simply by being a part of my Poison team. I loved how it became a wall that could handle (almost) anything that’s thrown at it. It makes a great pairing with Toxtricity, and my stalling tactics are fun to use – my good friend Tim had to resort to using a Taunt/Knock Off set to scupper my tactics.

8. Chandelure

Chandelure was never a Pokemon that I got to use until my Shield Nuzlocke earlier on in the year. And oh boy did it hit hard. It was just so good for me that it quickly became one of my MVPs. I love the shiny form for it too, but Chandelure makes the whole inanimate object thing work truly in its favour.

7. Dialga

This time around, Dialga is the only Legendary Pokemon to make it onto this list. I still have a huge fondness for Dialga from the first time I saw it in Diamond, and I know that if I chose to play Pearl, I probably wouldn’t have the same love for it (although I don’t care about that).

6. Pangoro

Pangoro’s a severely underrated Pokemon, in that I rarely see people talk about it. But I used a shiny Pangoro for training Pokemon to evolve for my HOME living dex back in Ultra Sun, while I used one in my Shield Nuzlocke where it cleaned house for the longest time. I don’t see a lot of people discuss it, even with its brutal Attack stat. I mean, people discuss Scrafty instead, which fair play I suppose. Scrafty is pretty cool.

5. Breloom

Another Pokemon that I find to be underrated, I loved using Breloom in my second Omega Ruby playthrough. With it having an early evolution level, coupled with its disgustingly good attacking power, I just wish Breloom would have returned in Crown Tundra. I grew so attached to Breloom that I’d love to be able to use Breloom in another playthrough sometime!

4. Luxray

Oh Luxray, we have a fun relationship, don’t we? I do still really love the whole line, and it’s great that it’s been added into the Isle of Armor DLC, giving it that spotlight that it deserves. Honestly, though, it’s still not enough for it to claw its way back to the top, but it’s still impressive to me!

3. Ludicolo

I’m working on implementing Ludicolo into one of my themed teams, but it’s mostly due to the fact that I love it so much. I think the combination of its shiny form and its appearance on Detective Pikachu solidified its spot in the top 3. It’s just so jolly and cool!

2. Roserade

Roserade is another staple of my Poison-type team right now, and while it’s still a bit frail, it definitely works its magic where it’s needed. It’s a solid lead alongside Gengar, to set up Spikes and running Poison Point on it in Diamond really set me up well for the necessary battles.

1. Toxtricity

Yes, Toxtricity is still the best for me in my eyes! It’s become so fun to use alongside Toxapex in double battles, and yes, it still remains my favourite Pokemon. Well, it’s not like I change favourites every year.

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