Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 12

Hooray! We’re on the home stretch! We’re looking at the Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes arc, the final one of the war. We then just have a canon movie and another arc to look over in the coming weeks, and that’s the series done!

Whether or not I tackle Boruto is another thing entirely.

We come to the arc with all hell breaking loose, Madara killed off by Black Zetsu and Kaguya Otsutsuki revived from Madara. Of course, she’s bloody powerful, and the dimensions are terrifying.

We get filler flashbacks, but of course they set up the back-story of ninshu and the Otsutsuki lineage from Kaguya herself. Honestly, I like these kind of fillers, because they’re not too filler-style, if that makes sense. And of course, it turns out throughout all of shinobi history, Black Zetsu was a manipulative little bitch.

I gotta say that Kaguya’s fixation of taking back her chakra reminds me of those parents that bring up children and then expect upkeep payments for the time that they’ve been raised. Like if you didn’t want your chakra passed down to your kids, then maybe not have them? Just a thought…

Of course, there’s also the story of Ashura and Indra, which is always worth watching the first time around, but not too necessary on a repeat viewing. But then we have the filler episode A Special Mission, which is just a fun tension-breaker episode where the Rookie 9 try and see what’s under Kakashi’s mask. It’s harmless fun, plus you actually get to see Kakashi’s face.

Look at it!

The best thing is, however, is that he’s disguised as Sukea the entire time, so you literally get to see his face throughout the episode!

Back to the action, and I have to say that I love Kaguya’s dimensions, as terrifying as they are. And I can’t gloss over this without mentioning Naruto’s Reverse Harem Jutsu. Like why does the Sexy Jutsu come in at a time like this…and it worked??? However, Kaguya proves to be an ultimate threat with a killing technique that even Naruto’s new healing powers can’t heal. This results in Kakashi and Obito willing to risk their lives, but Obito saving Kakashi in the last second. Of course, this is the time when the ninjas that have been cutting onions throughout the series review decide to break into my home again.

I may or may not have thrown them off the balcony…

Meanwhile, Kakashi finally gets a power-up because of Obito Ghost no Jutsu, and his Susano’o is just…it’s so lovely to look at!

The climax of the battle is just so satisfying, but then I’m sure that the onion-cutting ninja I threw over the balcony called for back-up when I saw Naruto’s goodbye to Minato. In the end, I threw them over the balcony too, just like Naruto yeeted Black Zetsu into the Planetary Devastation. Enough of that!

Of course, because things can’t go according to keikaku, Sasuke has to be a little bitch and decide he wants to change the status quo, in the most infuriating way ever.

And then we have the ultimate climax, of Sasuke facing Naruto at the Valley of the End, as a symbolic gesture of the whole thing – considering that Madara and Hashirama, the other reincarnations of Ashura and Indra, are the statues.

Honestly the whole fight is just the first fight but completely amped up, and I’m always here for it! It feels a lot quicker than the other fight, but it really packs a punch. The most ominous part though was the fisticuffs without any music. Just hearing the punches and blood splatters really hit home just how exhausted these two were but kept going.

And finally, after their mega Rasengan/Chidori clash we find some lovely imagery. I love the whole strange afterlife area though, but then there’s the imagery of the statues broken down and Naruto and Sasuke lying on the two parts that form the unison sign with their blood connected from where their arms are severed (I’m still annoyed by the flashbacks though).

Then the series leaves some unanswered questions for later: Does Naruto become a Jonin? Will Naruto and Sasuke ever have their ‘real’ fight?

To be fair, Boruto answers the first question (basically he’s an eternal Genin that’s a Hokage), and I think Kara are too much of a threat for Sasuke to want to suddenly throw down some moves against Naruto, but who knows?

All in all, here is the summary of the entire series:

But wait, there’s more! Yep, I still have to cover The Last: Naruto the Movie and the Gaiden episodes.

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