The Top Pokemon That…Kinda Grew On Me

Hey guys! I’m back with a different Top 10 post in mind, except there are five entries here. I have a lot of stuff to work on, but here we go!

The premise of this list is Pokemon that I never really used or gave much thought to, but they’ve really grown on me over time, and I really enjoy them as a Pokemon.


Yes, it’s the DELELELEWOOP Pokemon, but as much as it humoured me, I never really used to use it. It never even crossed my mind, until I obtained the girl’s Kricketot in Pokemon Reborn and named it Kaede (yes, after Kaede Akamatsu but shhhh!). I found that Kricketune was such a good Pokemon to use in that scenario, especially with it evolving at level 10, way before you’re considering taking on the first Gym. Its Fury Cutter coupled with Technician really helps try and take down the PULSE Tangrowth, and…damn, it’s just so good!


In my second playthrough of Omega Ruby, I found myself needing an Electric-type. So I hunted around for an Electrike which I named Chidori. Well, it was better than using a Plusle or Minun. And I have to say that I had a lot of fun using Manectric throughout my playthrough, and it came in clutch against Steven in the end.


Another Bug-type on the list, Charjabug was the one that made me fall in love with Bug-types in general! It was a cornerstone in my Ultra Sun playthrough back in the day, and I was slightly disappointed when it became a Vikavolt, only because it was no longer the cute little bus bug that would cry out like an accordion.


Golurk wasn’t a Pokemon that I’d considered using at all, up until my Shield Nuzlocke. I had one on my team pretty late-ish on, and I really enjoyed using it. It’s a bit slow, but is very hard-hitting, and I was gutted when it went down. But Golurk has a solid place in my heart now at least.



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