Top 10 Creepy Pokedex Entries

With Halloween on the horizon, I thought it’d be fun to go through the most fear-inducing Pokedex entries. Some are a bit visceral, some are just creepy. But all of them have you asking yourself one question – why are children responsible for these Pokemon?

Featured image courtesy of GO Hub, as it’s so adorable!

10. Xatu – Ruby


‘Xatu stands rooted and still in one spot all day long. People believe that this Pokémon does so out of fear of the terrible things it has foreseen in the future.’

Basically, if this is what it means to have psychic abilities, then I don’t want it! There must be something so unsettling and disturbing for Xatu to just want to stay in one place purely out of fear.

9. Yamask – Black


‘Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.’

Now this is just sad. I mean I really like Yamask anyway, but holy crap.

8. Banette – Black2/White2


‘A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge of being thrown away. It seeks the child who disowned it.’

And now I’m scared of the amount of dolls and stuffed toys I abandoned or threw away as a child.

7. Mimikyu – Ultra Moon


‘A gust of wind revealed what hides under this Pokémon’s rag to a passing Trainer, who went home and died painfully that very night.’

I think this is evidence enough to not look under Mimikyu’s disguise, no matter how curious you must be. What did the trainer see? Was it something so despair-inducing that he just decided to, well…let’s not carry that train of thought on, shall we?

6. Hypno – FireRed


‘It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.’

They let children use this Pokemon. Let that sink in.

5. Duskull – Sapphire


‘Duskull wanders lost among the deep darkness of midnight. There is an oft-told admonishment given to misbehaving children that this Pokémon will spirit away bad children who earn scoldings from their mothers.’

Wait so if children earn scoldings from their fathers, do Duskull not spirit them away? Just had to ask.

4. Gengar – Ruby/Sapphire


‘Sometimes, on a dark night, your shadow thrown by a streetlight will suddenly and startlingly overtake you. It is actually a Gengar running past you, pretending to be your shadow.’

No wonder I get paranoid about walking home alone at night. Apart from the attempted mugging I suffered last Halloween…

3. Spoink – Black2/White2


‘Using its tail like a spring, it keeps its heart beating by bouncing constantly. If it stops, it dies.’

Could you imagine if you had to keep bouncing on your tail to prevent certain death? Could not be me. Still a terrifying prospect.

2. Drifloon – Sun


‘Stories go that it grabs the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife. It dislikes heavy children.’

Again, they let children use this Pokemon.

1. Toxapex – Sun


‘Toxapex crawls along the ocean floor on its 12 legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits scattered in its wake.’

When I first read this entry I couldn’t stop mentally picturing Toxapex crawling along with Corsola bits and blood just trailing behind it. How gruesome!

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