Creating a New Area in Galar – The Heritage Forests


Hey guys! Quite a while back I tweeted that I had a dream where we got a Part 3 to the Sword/Shield Expansion Pass line-up, and it was based on forests. I was disappointed to wake up from that dream, so I’ll make it a reality, and see what we could garner from this. We now have a guide that tells us the inspiration for each of the main areas of Galar.

To celebrate the launch of Crown Tundra a few days ago, let’s do this! Be warned there will be spoilers for the entire game and DLC content.

The Areas

The main crux of the area is the fact that it is based on forests such as Sherwood Forest (which already has roots in Glimwood Tangle – get it?) and the Forest of Dean, with a lot of woodland, trails, lakes and new Pokemon to add from other regions, but I’ll get onto those soon.

To make sure that it isn’t entirely forested, the forest areas will open out to various meadows, streams and what are known as ‘Heritage Sites’. World Heritage Sites are regarded as universally important, and ‘belonging to all the peoples in the world’. To celebrate the Heritage, you will be given a stamp card, and you will have to find 100 hidden locations (these will be identified with a marker, just like with the Alolan Digletts in the Isle of Armor). Collect all of these to progress and maybe encounter a Legendary Pokemon.

There will be a lot of different locations based on different Heritage Sites across the UK, as well as some personal entries that aren’t UNESCO sites. I want them to be functional in their own way, as to not make them feel too empty. Each attraction will feature an all-encompassing Pokemon Centre and Gift Shop, where merchandise such as clothing and other staples could be bought. The following are just some of the sites that would be available.

  • There would be a huge sprawling garden area based on the Audley End House and Gardens, where you could plant your own Berries (functioning like the Isle Aplenny from the Poke Pelago in the Alola games).
  • There will be an area with masses of stones, based on Stonehenge, like Turffield before it. The main difference is that Stonjourner would make their own gatherings here during the Solstice, and there would be an opening down into a cavern, maybe featuring a Legendary Pokemon (or is it a new Ultra Beast?) – this cavern is inspired by the Doctor Who episode The Pandorica Opens.
  • A makeshift stadium based on the Chester Roman Amphitheatre, with its own Power Spot, perfect for secluded Pokemon battles.
  • A dual set-up featuring a castle and cathedral, based on Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral respectively. You may learn more about the Heroes of Galar and The Darkest Day in these buildings. This would also explain why only certain Pokemon are capable of Gigantamaxing. The King of Bountiful Harvests will also be alluded to here, and will feature a new piece of history based on which of the steeds you chose in the Crown Tundra.
  • On the trail leading up to the Castle and Cathedral are an array of shops selling specialist Pokemon goods – this trail is based on Steep Hill in Lincoln.

Returning Pokemon

Of course, we can’t have a new area without the returning Pokemon. Now that there are so few Pokemon left that could be a good fit for the region, I thought bringing back a Safari Zone would work rather well, especially if it was based on a zoo. That way there’d be different themed areas in this one ‘Safari Zoo’, based on Chester Zoo. We would see Pokemon here such as Tropius, Ekans, Mankey, and rarely the alternate variants of well-loved Pokemon, such as Unovan Stunfisk, Kantonian Farfetch’d, Alolan Vulpix and both variants of Grimer. There is also a Nursery in here. In this area alone, you do not require an Everstone to guarantee the breeding of the corresponding form of Pokemon – for example, Alolan Vulpix will always breed Alolan Vulpix, unless the female is a Kantonian Vulpix.

Out on the lakes and rivers, we would find Ducklett and Swanna, as well as Yanma, Paras, Shroomish, as well as new Galarian forms, such as Wurmple, Mareep and Blitzle. Of course, just like in the Wild Area and Isle of Armor, the weather will change out the different spawns, so watch out for those weather changes! Deerling will also spawn here, with its forms changing out depending on the real-time seasons – and so will the trees and greenery across the area.

Closer to the urban areas, you’ll find Pokemon such as Snubbull, which has also adapted to the environment, in a strange way. Among the regular Fairy-type Snubbull, you’ll find the more aggressive Dark/Fighting-type Galarian form. This has been linked to former Trainers hosting aggressive fights against each other using Snubbull and Granbull.


I don’t really have a huge plan for the storyline of this DLC, but I feel that at the very least, you would actually be facing a Mythical Pokemon, rather than have one shoved into an event. I couldn’t give you an idea at this point in time about what the Mythical is, except that it isn’t Grass- or Psychic-type. Actually, we’ve never had a Poison-type Mythical. But here is a hint – keep checking the statues…

That shiny Zeraora that you got for participating in the Max Raid Battles? Some rare Berries that you find in the depths of the Heritage Forests can be added to the Isle of Armor’s famous Max Soup – basically, Zeraora, among other returning Pokemon, are capable of Gigantamaxing.

Is there anything else you’d like to see covered in this theorycraft? It’s just something silly that I thought I’d come up with, that would actually be fun and require a lot of exploration time.

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