Decluttering and Living Space Revamp! Part 5

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Hey guys! You may be wondering why there’s a part 5 when we’ve done all of the KonMari steps. Well, there’s a lot of reorganising after the chaos! But it gets worse before it gets better, so they say.

Reiterating the Goal

Now that we have achieved all five steps of the KonMari method, we needed to reorganise everything after the chaos that was the living room carpet installation. We had it done towards the end of September, so everything became focused on finally arranging everything to make the place feel more homely.

We get our flat-pack stuff delivered from Argos because it’s cheaper than Ikea, plus we don’t actually have an Ikea that we can get to without needing help with transport.

Living Room

We actually had a dodgy plug socket which we needed the housing association’s repairs team to come and fix. Only after that would I be able to use the TP-Link connections and have a computer with a wired connection in the office. In the meantime, I would have had to continue using my computer in the living room, which is no big deal, really.

Before the carpet fitting, I had the idea of moving things around from their original positions. For example, having the TV up against the opposite wall to where it was before, and having a larger space towards the living room door for the inevitable table and chairs set that we’ll get later down the line. For now, that’ll be where our DIY area shall be, with our planned bookshelf and desk building planned.

Overall, since we rearranged the furniture and utilised the space a little better, we’ve now found that we have a lot more space to work with. That was because while we had the Virgin TiVo box installed, the TV had to be in a certain space, which was right next to the computer (as the computer is hooked up to the internet router). It left us a lot of space in the back that we could have used for dining, but because the space was at the back, it was easily forgotten about and filled with junk. Now, we’re using every portion of space that we can in the room. Not only that, the carpet makes the living room a lot brighter and fresher than before.

We’ve gotten Connor’s chest of drawers into the space and popped the stereo on top.


To be fair, the kitchen was already pretty much done, decorating and decluttering aside. Of course, we needed a standing cooker and a box freezer too, but we can still make do with what we have until then.

All the kitchen really needed doing to it was a fresh lick of paint. We are going to go for this Chalk White kitchen emulsion from Wilko, which is a pretty standard white colour, just what we’d need for the kitchen. We will need to clean it down with sugar soap before painting.

And that’s pretty much it, really.


We had to declutter hard in here, Connor especially. We also had to consider reporting the closet to the housing association repairs team too, to figure out what’s going on there.

We also had to put together my capsule wardrobe, which was just the clothing rail, at least. There was some stuff that we just needed to tidy, and I was excited to get the DVDs moved from the bedroom back into the living room, once we get the shelving bought, delivered and set up for it!


The office needed a huge re-tidy, that’s for certain. Once we got everything out that didn’t belong in there, it was a case of straightening things out that did belong in there, organising the closet and making sure that we had a good internet connection in the room. That’s because we have a Faraday cage issue, where the internet is almost completely dead in that room.

I needed a new desk chair because mine wasn’t fully supporting my scatica-buggered back, so I really had to get one. I found this one at Argos which had good reviews (I had my eyes set on a different room but on payday they didn’t have it in stock so I went with this alternate).

After the huge clear-out from the living room carpet, we needed another clear-out of things from both the office and the bedroom. The bedroom to make way for some of the stuff in the office to go back into the bedroom, and the boxes of stuff just needed organising so that I could decide what could stay and what could go. I did want to go through everything while Connor was at work, and just get things into some sense of order. The office was sadly a dumping ground when we got our living room carpet put in. I also want the closet re-decluttered, including a lot of artwork that I want to redraw digitally that I’m too short to get from the shelf. Whoops!

As of writing, we were looking at a new desk for me, but we were thinking that might have to wait until Christmas/January, just so that we’re making our money stretch.


The bathroom remained relatively the same as before, because there wasn’t much else we could do with it. We did need to go over it with one more coat of emulsion for added protection, because it’s a bathroom without windows or extractor fan.

Aside from that, we just needed to probably change out the plastic drawers for something a bit more aesthetically pleasing later down the line.


We needed to organise that closet, making sure that everything on the top shelf could be reserved for decorations, especially those of the Christmas variety. I wanted to make a new angel in the future, as the current one we had was looking really worse for wear (we were given it by my mum when we moved), but a new star or something would suffice for the time being.

We had to move to Plan B for the shoe rack, as the original shelves we wanted for the closet was too wide, so it was a case of looking for a very inexpensive shoe rack that would fit. We found this one from (you guessed it) Argos, which would work well in the space that we have. It’s cheap, plus we don’t have a lot of shoes between us anyway.

The ottoman idea for the hallway would work really well, because it would give us (and our guests) somewhere to sit down and take off/put on their shoes, as we wouldn’t be allowing shoes in the living room once we got the carpet put in.

The hallway needed a carpet too, but that would be the easiest task at the very least. It would be a case of wait until payday and then there’s the four-week waiting list, lockdown depending.

And that’s it! That’s the whole thing done! Phew!

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