Black Mirror – The Waldo Moment Review

Hey guys! In this strange political climate, here is The Waldo Moment!

If you want a story of a comedian-turned-politician, look no further than The Waldo Moment. It’s strange, considering this current political climate, with Kanye West wanting to be US President, Donald Trump actually being US President, and the buffoon that is Boris Johnson being our Prime Minister. Sad times.

And to think this episode gets its wings from just a silly bit of banter against a Conservative politician, however I would have generally liked the episode a bit more had the portrayed character of Waldo not been annoying (but alas, that is its role). But then there’s the person behin Waldo, Jamie, who is like every one of us – can’t stand his job, his love life’s fallen apart and he’s relegated to playing the part of Waldo.

There’s also Liam Monroe, the aforementioned Conservative politician. Honestly, it’s amazing what attention a blue bear can get just by making fun of a Conservative. Sadly though, instead of playing it up, Monroe just can’t take the joke.

I feel that politicians do need to be more relatable, and it’d be good to see politicians and presenters bounce off of each other in a battle of wit. But instead of succumbing to the banter (especially with the Waldo van in Stentonford), Monroe just becomes antagonistic. Like toys out of the pram, embarrassment of an adult, kind of antagonistic.

Of course, after a lot of popularity and making the headlines for the Monroe jokes, Waldo is sought after to run for an upcoming by-election as an independent candidate. I mean, it’s all well and good voting a candidate in for their humour and insults to others, but what about the long-term? This is what The Waldo Moment touches on more than anything, and that includes Jamie’s relationship with Labour candidate Gwendolyn, who obviously would have her career tarnished if it all got out. Very messy indeed. Especially when they do the good ol’ Black Mirror standard shag-fest. But obviously, it becomes messy when Waldo ends up insulting Gwendolyn and the whole thing goes viral.

Of course, Jamie resigns and everything just goes to shit. Of course, Waldo doesn’t win the by-election, but that doesn’t matter.

The ending is the most harrowing, as it’s essentially a world run by Waldo as an entity. It goes to show the dangers of letting comedy relief people get the vote. Basically, think sensibly before you vote!

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