Early-Route Rodent Pokemon Ranked

I say it here, the rodents are really hard for me to really like. They don’t have many uses, unlike the birds I discussed last month. However, there are some that caught my eye. So here’s my ranking of the early-route rodent Pokemon.

8. Patrat


I don’t know what it is about Patrat, and I can understand the appearance of Watchog looking like some road worker, but I’m just not a fan.

7. Skwovet


I like squirrels, but Skwovet gets put so low down because of its evolution, Greedent. It’s a no from me.

6. Rattata


I got sick of Rattata thanks to Pokemon GO. However, I can’t fault the shiny forms of Raticate and the Alolan line. On top of that, Alolan Raticate was my first shiny since my Golbat in Diamond so there’s that going for it I suppose.

5. Yungoos


Yungoos is pretty cute, I have to say. I don’t favour Gumshoos as much, but I appreciate it. I kinda wish that Yungoo was a natural combatant of Rattata to the point where it gained the Fighting-type to counter Rattata’s Dark/Normal typing in Alola.

4. Bunnelby


Bunnelby is adorable, but I don’t really like the appearance of Diggersby – that’s mostly down to the colouring more than anything else. In its shiny form, that’s where it shines the most. I do like the Normal/Ground type combination though that it eventually receives.

3. Sentret


Sentret is adorable, and evolves into a great, adorable Pokemon that is Furret. The shiny forms of the line are lovely as well, but it’s not one that I’d bring out to battle. That said, none of these really are.

2. Zigzagoon


Galarian Zigzagoon would have been a fun Electric/Dark-type to complement its music-based origins. I know it’s supposed to be based on a European badger, but the design would still fit relatively well. However, I still really like both versions. I love the design of Zigzagoon in general, so to see two versions of the same Pokemon that I really like, I can’t pick between the two.

1. Bidoof


Bidoof is God.

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