10 Wanted Community Days – Based on My Opinion

We all have our Community Day wishlist, right? It didn’t include Magikarp or Charmander (the second time), right? Well, this post focuses on what I want to be included in the Community Day roster. For reference, I uploaded the shiny sprites.

Because Pokemon that have already had Community Days and/or shinies released are getting Community Days (see Charmander and Gastly), this changes things a bit.


The amount of times that Shinx gets taken out of raids, plus it has never had a wild outing, unlike its equivalents such as Mawile and Absol. Shinx, and by extension Luxray, is also a fan favourite (although my good friend Tim would politely disagree), but with Luxray being one of my favourite Pokemon, I always dreamed of the time when I’d be able to encounter a Shinx in the wild, and even more so when shinies came out. I’d always earmarked it as a solid Community Day option until it was released as a raid/egg exclusive with a shiny already released. However, now that we’ve had Community Days where shinies have already been distributed (see Pikachu and Gastly), I’m sure there’d be no problem releasing Shinx into the wild for 3/6 hours.


Lotad was a huge missed opportunity for its Research Day. This was because it was lumped together with Castform being the frequently spawning Pokemon. If you ask me, it should have been the other way around. Again, like Luxray, Ludicolo is one of my favourite Pokemon. Considering its counterpart, Seedot, got a Community Day, I’d love to see Lotad get some extra love.

Snivy, Tepig & Oshawott

I lumped these three together because they have the same reasoning behind them. We expected a Snivy Community Day for March, but because of the very slow roll-out for Unova Pokemon, Niantic had no choice but to break their self-imposed pattern, rather than releasing more plentiful waves. Seeing the shiny Unova starters would be great to see, as opposed to wanting us to vote for Kanto starters in their polls.


I’ve grouped these together because even though these are great, I have an inkling that none of these will be part of their own Community Days. Gible and Deino have their shinies released, but with how rare they are (and the Deino controversy during Dragon Week), I doubt it’ll be possible for Niantic to even want to just give us these shinies, and the same goes for Axew, too.

However, with Mega Garchomp on the horizon, a shiny would be so valuable in this instance.


Breloom happens to be one of my favourite Pokemon, and both it and Shroomish have amazing shinies. I would be happy to see Shroomish get a Community Day in this instance, as it’s just a bit more bias coming out here for it.


Starly has been named as one of the choices for the fourth Community Day vote, alongside Bulbasaur and Exeggcute (formerly Magikarp was here too but that got its own Community Day for some reason). But Starly would make for a great Community Day, as it’s one of the only early-route birds to not have its shiny form out (the others being Spearow and Hoothoot).


Back shortly after its release, Bidoof suffered from a huge missed opportunity, as a Bidoof Day was done back in 2018. However, its shiny form was not released for this. I propose that we have a Bidoof Community Day!


As of writing, Sandile isn’t in Pokemon GO, but I’d love for it to get its own Community Day. I mean it’s just so damn cute, and I love the rest of its line too. Therefore it would be nice to give Sandile some love here, and give it its own Community Day (I’m sure this Pokemon would sit pretty in 10km eggs for a long time but my point still stands).


I’m fairly certain we’ll end up with a shiny Litwick release during Halloween, but I still stand by that a Community Day would work for Litwick. I mean, Gastly got that treatment, and Chandelure, like Breloom, just happens to be one of my favourite Pokemon.


This was a toss-up between Zorua and Sewaddle, but due to Zoroark being a fan favourite, Zorua won. Again, it’s a Pokemon that hasn’t been introduced, and may not do for quite some time as of writing, but we can hope that Zorua gets its own Community Day. The Abra Research Investigating Illusions was rumoured to coincide with Zorua, because of its and Zoroark’s Ability Illusion. Misused opportunity there, Niantic!

4 thoughts on “10 Wanted Community Days – Based on My Opinion

  1. Tim

    I am all for Shroomish and Bidoof Community Days. My list (though I’m not 100% sure on the order) would look something like this.

    – Bidoof
    – Shroomish
    – Eevee again (but only when Gen VI comes out)
    – Solrock/Lunatone combined day
    – Elemental monkeys
    – Cacnea
    – The Gen V starters
    – Zubat (seriously)
    – Litwick
    – Slowpoke

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