My Self-Isolation Morning Routine

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Hey guys! I wanted to write up a morning routine, just because I wanted to fill a gap, plus I feel like a morning routine is fun.

This is a standard routine that I have for when my boyfriend is at work on his day shifts. I’ve been on this routine since lockdown started.

I usually initially wake up at around 7am, although I usually have a couple of extra alarms just in case I turn the first alarm off and turn back over and fall asleep again. So usually I wake up at around 8am and take a bit of time to browse through my social media. I should get out of that habit really, but sometimes it helps me wake up and get my brain ticking. It’s all stuff that I can catch up with later, plus Facebook infuriates me with the racists and homophobes. But I usually check Facebook, Twitter and Discord, sometimes Reddit. I do this for about half an hour, when I finally get out of bed. Usually because I need the loo!

Really, I should be getting up earlier, because while I’m not much of a morning person, I am actually more productive in the mornings.

I know I need a proper skincare routine, plus I wear a mask in shops, so there’s no concern for my lower half, where my acne problems are usually more prominent. I’ve been lucky in my adulthood that I’ve not had the level of skin problems that I’ve had in my teens, although my face still gets super-oily, but also dry in some areas. There is no in-between for me! During lockdown and self-isolating, my acne has been a tad bothersome. However, my current skincare routine just involves using a face scrub – I do this twice a day. Normally I’d also use a cleansing toner after the shower, but I haven’t done that in months.

I get on with brushing my teeth, and I normally use a sensitive toothbrush because I often get wisdom tooth issues that come up every couple of years or so. I always use a Colgate toothpaste, because Sensodyne made my entire left side of my jaw hurt for weeks (wisdom tooth problems yay), while other toothpastes just taste disgusting.

I then get in the shower, and the first thing I do is wash my hair. I have to wash my hair every day, because it gets greasy very quickly. I did try washing every other day for a few years, but that made no difference to my hair quality, so I was recommended to just wash it every day. That way, it also stops being so itchy, which is a telltale sign of grease build-up. I have stopped using conditioner on the ends of my hair, which now that I’m writing it and looking at my dead ends was probably not the smartest idea. Note to self: buy more conditioner. However, I always go for L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths shampoo. It’s been a solid staple since my Portugal days.

After that, I shave the appropriate areas and then I finish off with shower gel. The kind I use depends on what I find, but I have love for Original Source (especially Lemon and Tea Tree scent), and I miss using Dirty Springwash from Lush (it’s just too expensive right now). That gives you some indication for what kind of scents I like to shower with in the morning.

After I’ve showered, I’ll dry off and get some clothes on. If I’m not heading outside, I’ll usually get into a pair of cosy pyjama bottoms and a vest top, maybe something cosy over the top of it, like a cardigan or an open shirt if it’s warm. I’ll also most likely blow-dry my hair, using an amazing hairdryer that has a touch-pad on the handle. It’s a Neutech Touch Me, and I got it for €18 when I was in Portugal, and it’s the best hairdryer I’ve ever owned. My mum borrowed it once and she was amazed. That thing will dry my hair in about five minutes. My hair does get frizzy when it’s dried naturally, but there are days where I leave it be. My hair has so many problems, guys…

I rarely wear make-up, so there’s no point doing a make-up routine!

Once I’m well-presented for the day, I’ll head into the kitchen and completely forget to get breakfast. Normally, I’ll start a productive day with a cup of Sneak. I was originally a GFuel drinker, but because I had issues with a surprise customs fee (as well as no intent on GFuel’s part to help with this), I changed over to Sneak, because it’s a UK brand, it gets to me in about two working days after placing the order, and it’s much cheaper. We usually buy a tub every month, and as of writing, we’re just finishing off the new Generations Bubblegum, which is an amazing flavour.

Once I get the Sneak made, I head over to my computer, plug everything in and turn it on. I make sure I have my trusty diary, stationery and notebooks with me for reference purposes. I also make sure to re-check social media (this should be my first socials check, really). I also check my blog statistics in case there’s been any surprise morning action, such as views and likes.

My notebook also has a to-do list that I’d usually draft up the night before, so that I know what I need to get done in the morning.

That’s my usual morning routine! It’s a bit boring, but that’s the problem with self-isolating. I’ve been doing it for nearly seven months now and it’s driving me insane.

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