Naruto Shippuden Reviews – Part 11

Hey guys! After the debacle of the last reviews post, here is something a bit more bitesize and manageable! We have the Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki, and honestly there is so much filler in between the episodes that we have as canon, but it’s a nicer chunk to manage, with not a huge lot going on at the same time.

Of course, we have Obito that’s now the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki because why not, apparently. But y’know, before we get into that, we have a few amazing opening themes, with Guren, Silhouette and Kaze all openings that are amazing in their own ways. But Silhouette is the best Naruto opening of all-time, and you can’t refute that.

Onto other topics, and it’s been fun to witness the dynamic between Naruto and Minato, and it’s about time I kicked the damn onion-chopping ninjas from my house as they’ve tried to set off the waterworks again. Goddamnit. But seriously, with Tobirama laying claim to a lot of Jutsu that he created, he’s got a lot to answer for! Honestly, though, I loved seeing the combination of Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Tobirama, as it made for compelling strategies.

Speaking of people that have a lot to answer for, we get some exposition from Madara that pretty much sets up the rest of the entire series, including Boruto. Of course, it’s a brief introduction to Kaguya Otsutsuki, the progenitor of chakra who ate the fruit from the God Tree, otherwise known as the Ten-Tails. Obviously, she gave birth to a child (that’s important for later), who would go on to become the revered Sage of Six Paths, so yeah, a pretty big deal all-round.

It’s not too long before Naruto forgoes battling and uses his Talk no Jutsu on Obito to try and see the error of his ways, of course. Because Sage Mode worked perfectly fine, but the talking…works, for some reason! I mean in all fairness, Obito’s basically had a huge overreaction to Rin’s death to the point where it’s become just a bit apocalyptic. Is there an overreaction award, because he’d win it by a landslide!

As much as I hate flashbacks and repetition, I never fail to enjoy any back-story involving Gaara, especially when the anime showed his back-story and character progression throughout the series. On the other hand, we’ve started the Obito Academy Entrance Flashback counter. We’ll see how many points that one racks up by the end of the war.

But moving on from flashbacks, Obito ends up doing Cop-Out no Jutsu (otherwise known as bringing everyone back to life at the cost of his own life, just like Nagato did prior). But things go wrong and it gets diverted to Madara, because who didn’t see that one coming? And of course, Madara shows off his Hashirama-infused chest to further point out that ninja really do like their body mutilations. Although to be fair, Sasuke had the right idea by capitalising on Madara’s new-found mortality, which was the first thing I thought of when I first read the manga up to this point.

Strange quote of the series: “I told you, I wouldn’t let you pass so easily. By the way, isn’t there anyone who can give me a serious answer to my question? I asked you, what does it feel like to poo?” I am not joking, these are the words that the Tobi Zetsu speaks upon entering with his strange wood thing.

Of course, Madara impales Sasuke after having taken all of the Tailed Beasts, leaving Naruto to die too. However, I don’t know whether it’s because Naruto isn’t a typical Uzumaki (y’know, no red hair, no prowess in sealing Jutsu), but the fact that he was very much on the brink of death from the extraction actually contradicts the long-canon lore of Uzumaki clan members actually being able to survive a Tailed Beast extraction due to their strong vitality. Even Kushina died from being impaled by the extracted Kurama, rather than the extraction itself, although she was weakened from a combination of that and childbirth.

To be fair, all of this had to lead up to them both talking to Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths. But first, this is the point in the series that is filler-heavy. 2015 was a rough year for this series, because according to Anime Filler List, there are nine episodes that are considered canon at all in the span of 2015. I also remember discussing the manga before with a friend, about how writer Masashi Kishimoto actually could not figure out how to kill Madara, as he had just become too overpowered.

Of course, Sakura tries hard to revive Naruto, but she struggles. So the quickest way to a man’s heart is literally making an incision and grabbing it with your bare hand to keep it going. I mean, as long as it works, but if you hate body gore like I do, just think of it like she’s squeezing a ballsack.

Sasuke gets revived too, and it took weeks for them to reveal who it is in the manga – I remember it being a right teaser for everyone. Obviously if you’re watching episodes back-to-back sans filler like I am, then it’s not a big deal. Well, nobody trusts Kabuto because he’s a right dirty snake – almost too literally.

I do like the flashback we got for Guy’s past, including that of his dad and Guy’s efforts to be recognised as a splendid ninja and Kakashi’s eternal rival. But oh the most exciting battle of the entire franchise has to go to Guy fighting against Madara. Oh it’s so good!

And this gets broken up by Naruto finally meeting Hagoromo, who reveals that he was one of two children born by Kaguya, the one mentioned earlier by Madara. I suppose Sasuke gets this talk, and they’re both entrusted with what I could probably best describe as another silly power-up. I mean, Madara has to die at some point, right?

Even with all of that out of the way, this is a shounen anime, therefore things don’t go according to keikaku (yes, keikaku means plan) and the Infinite Tsukuyomi is activated, proving to the audience the threat that it is. I mean, if you’ve ever watched Fairy Tail, the doom stuff happens all the time and everyone has to literally reverse it.

I noticed a huge error though! When Tobi Zetsu discarded its vessel, it was revealed to be Yamato. But Hiruzen said “Yamato!”. However, Yamato was a codename that was given by Tsunade three years after Hiruzen’s death. Prior to this, he was referred to as Tenzo. Therefore, like Kakashi, Hiruzen should have called him Tenzo, or even Kinoe if we took anime fillers into account. Hiruzen would never have known that Yamato currently went by Yamato, as he died before said codename was given.

I also wanted to highlight Tenten’s dream world in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, as well as that of Killer Bee. I mentioned before that Tenten gets more development in filler, and that this particular filler was good to see her in action as a hero. So I wanted to watch this over again.

Killer Bee Rappuden is a two-part segment as well, which is a bit of light-hearted fun to break the tension of the current canon arcs.

I might watch the Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook arc at some point in the future, but I don’t think it’s particularly worth reviewing. I got one episode in during my first viewing and I just didn’t like the attitudes of the characters, I’ll be blunt.

Unfortunately, despite the amazing battles and tactical shows, the arc is pretty much ripped apart by fillers. That’s what lets it down the most. Overall, story and development-wise it’s a solid arc, but then there’s that power creep. Next week is the penultimate arc (thankfully), and yeah, things happen there.

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