Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 4

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Hey guys! We’re towards the finish line for the KonMari declutter! Woohoo!

Reiterating the Goal

We’re decluttering. We wanted to tidy things up so we could easily get a carpet fitting in the living room, plus just to adjust everything and make it feel more like home.

Sentimental Items

Honestly I feel that I need more sentimental things out, as I don’t really have anything in that way at the moment. But my biggest challenge is to find a way for Connor to organise his sentimental items in a way that he’ll keep coming back to. I’ll never make him get rid of his sentimentals, as a lot of him came from his grandmother or hold special memories for her. I feel that some of the items could be good decorative pieces, whereas others are good to preserve in trinket boxes.

My sentimental items are few and far between, but I want to put a sentimental stamp on the place. I bought a picture frame a while ago that I’ve never used, but I want to have a picture of myself and Connor in there. We don’t have pictures out, I have pictures stored on my computer that I want printed. Some of these would go on walls, to add some decoration.

Once we got the carpet fitted, we were able to get his large chest of drawers in the living room, for the stereo to go on top. I figured we’d store our main sentimental items in there.

I’m not one for keeping sentimental items anyway, so this is pretty easy for me. I’m happy to keep a memory of the person or time with me, rather than items to remember it by. This is why a lot of sentimental items fall under some of the other categories. For example, I would say that the Morrissey jacket that got ruined would come under both clothing and sentimental, and some of the things that others would class as sentimental ended up being komono.

In the bags of books I got from my mum, I came across two fake roses. They were from when I finished my first Race For Life 5K, and my mum and Connor bought one each for me while I was doing the run. I’m definitely keeping those, because they’re lovely! Plus I prefer fake plants over real ones every time (so much easier to keep).

I feel that’s pretty much my KonMari over! Of course, I do have one more post to come next week!

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