My Pick of Fakemon Concepts


Ever wondered what ideas there are that should be a part of the canon Pokemon world? Wonder no more, I have a bunch of Fakemon that are hugely inspiring here!

Because some of them come from Instagram, I can’t save some of the images, so go check out the links that come with the entries! Also, these are in no particular order!

Calyspard – Valo

This entry is by Valo (check them out here at @valoo_art), and they have done an amazing selection of Fakemon from their Past/Future set. They are one of the inspirations for me actually conceptualising the Lumaria region. But I’m here to talk about Calyspard, which they have signified is part of their ‘Four Beasts of Revelation’ set. It’s a Steel/Electric-type and looks like a four-headed leopard. It’s a pretty old concept, but I still love the idea of it.

Damp line – Deathbulge

Like the next one in this list, this one doesn’t have a type combination, as the good guy Deathbulge (I’ve met him before, he’s fucking lovely) did a few Fakemon that were literal pisstakes. Although I feel that they would be Water-types, with the final evolution being Water/Ghost. The line is as follows: Damp, Soak’d and Drown’d, following the Farfetch’d naming convention.

Hair line – Deathbulge

Another of the same collection of Fakemon by the lovely Deathbulge, we now have Hair, which is such a cute design. Then we have Chesthair, which is a hairy chest on a body, and finally, Nesthair, which has little birds coming from the chest hair nest! I think they’d all be pure Normal-type, and always hilarious to look at.

Dinal-ok – Rjamez.the.v

Here we have another fabulous artist that focuses on commissions and a “dragsona” challenge that they do alongside the Drag Race series. They have done a few fakemon too for their Ilpino region. Today I will highlight Dinal-ok, the Sanity Deity Pokemon. It’s a fabulous chicken, with a lot of flair to it. It’s one of the Legendary Pokemon, and it offers the tri-typing of Electric/Psychic/Rock.

Inferail – Smiley-Fakemon (commissioned by Soleviatis)

I was looking through some Fakemon and came across Smiley-Fakemon, who has some seriously amazing concepts. One of these is Inferail, which was commissioned by Soleviatis. It’s a lovely Fire/Electric-type snake Pokemon and I think there needs to be more snake Pokemon in existence. According to the description, it resembles an Intercity Express and a diamondback rattlesnake.

Neurikelv – Tim

My good friend Tim collaborated with me a while back on using up the remaining unused Pokemon type combinations. For this list, I’ve picked Neurikelv, the Ice/Poison choice. I like the uniqueness of the evolution mechanic, of having low friendship at level 35+. Its Ability, Antifreeze, is really fun. But to find out more, just read his post!

I implore you to check out these wonderful artists and creators! 

2 comments on “My Pick of Fakemon Concepts”

  1. I totally forgot about that post. That said, you did pick my second favorite Pokemon from that post, following only my unkillable dandelion.


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