Making Galar Gyms – Bug

Hey guys! Here is the final one of the Galar Gym teams made of the types that were missed out in the series. It’s been interesting to build teams for these Gyms, and the final one is Bug!

Yes Tim, there are Pokemon with no items.


Ooh Centiskorch. I’m sad that Lunge is at Level 60 and therefore ineligible for this challenge. But I made do with the moveset that I have – Coil to set up deadlier and more accurate attacks!

Ability: Flame Body

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Power Whip, X-Scissor, Fire Spin, Coil


Y’know, I was so tempted to use Guillotine, but I remembered the Wide Lens was a thing, so coupled with stuff for coverage and there we go. So if all else fails, try a Guillotine! *Except Wide Lens does not affect OHKO moves, but we all know that 100% accuracy moves aren’t actually 100% accurate – thanks Tim!*

Ability: Levitate

Item: Wide Lens

Moves: Bug Buzz, Discharge, Guillotine, Energy Ball


Y’know, if a 4x effective Rock-type move were to hit, at least then there’s a Destiny Bond. I do have a pre-emptive plan further down! The Red Card is in case the Vespiquen survives the hit (somehow).

Ability: Pressure

Item: Red Card

Moves: Attack Order, Defend Order, Destiny Bond, Toxic


Crustle is here because why not? It’ll just have a variation of attacking moves, with Rock Polish to increase its Speed!

Ability: Sturdy


Moves: Rock Polish, X-Scissor, Dig, Rock Tomb


This Orbeetle is there to assist the previous Vespiquen, in order to get its Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense stats up a bit. Then I could Baton Pass over to Vespiquen to help deal with other Pokemon. Simple!

Ability: Frisk

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Leech Life, Baton Pass, Agility, Calm Mind


Of course, Centiskorch and Orbeetle were used by Kabu and my Psychic-type teams respectively, so we have a GMax Butterfree. It does have a variation of moves because you gotta go all out on this one.

Ability: Compound Eyes


Moves: Air Slash, Psybeam, Bug Buzz, Shadow Ball

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