Declutter and Living Space Revamp! Part 3

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Hey guys! Yes, I’m still on this KonMari overhaul, and it’s been interesting so far. So far, I’ve tackled clothes, books and paper. Now, we’re moving onto Komono, which is going to be huge. So we’re just going to plough through!

Reiterating the Goal

Basically, my whole flat needed a deep clean and declutter! We had a carpet coming and we had to declutter so it would be easier for us to move our stuff around when the carpet fitter would come to fit the carpet. Plus I wanted a huge declutter anyway, so that helped.


Komono, or miscellaneous items, is a huge section. I prefer to go from room to room for decluttering the komono items. For the living room, I still have a lot in boxes, and that needs organising. Because of COVID, it has been hard to find somewhere to donate our items, and I would need to invest a day into collecting my books from my parents’, have my mum help in taking things to and fro, and spending time with Flash (their new kitten).

Living Room

The living room was the biggest task. Not only did we have to majorly declutter, we also had to have everything ready to be moved over into the bedroom and office for the carpet fitters to come.

The benefit was that the three-seater sofa was disassemblable, meaning that one of the seats could detach from the rest. The pouffe would have to squeeze in somewhere, I suppose.

The first hurdle was the habit of leaving clothes on the sofa. We just had to move them into the bedroom to be sorted, which wasn’t an issue. But then we had the hurdle of decluttering everything behind the sofa, where we’d shoved the bits that didn’t really have a home, included stuff we needed to take to charity (that we hadn’t been able to because COVID). Honestly, a lot of the stuff we had there just needed to go. And I had the idea to put some of the stuff that was going downstairs to scrap in a big box to make it easier to carry (we get to offload a lot of scrap at the ground floor of our building because a lot of people don’t have the means to take it to the recycling centre on the other side of town).

The biggest downfall was the amount of stuff we had in boxes. I was prepared to let a lot of it go, in terms of things that were broken or not needed anymore, and the rest could easily be piled into boxes and stored away for the time being.


The kitchen mainly involved a deep clean, and that was about it. We needed to do some laundry (yes, in the UK we have our washing machines in the kitchen), wash dishes, wipe down the counters and appliances and sort out the food and recycling. I wanted to get these recycling bins though, to make sure that we keep on top of the mess. Our issue is that our central recycling system is outside, and you’re on the 11th floor, it gets a bit much sometimes, and self-isolating for the past six months hasn’t helped at all. But we managed, and honestly the easiest room in the whole place was probably the kitchen.

Our other main problem was that we’d always let the dishes get out of hand, and we don’t have a dishwasher. Therefore we decided to just clean until it was all washed, and we’d just keep on top of it, and it’s worked so far!

Because of our lack of affording a cooker, we do have a halogen oven, a slow cooker and a hotplate which has kept us going. They do take up countertop room, but when put away, it works wonders. However, the halogen oven and hotplate will be going away once we get a proper cooker.

The pantry needed sprucing up, but we’ve made do with what we had for the time being. Overall, the entire kitchen still needed a fresh lick of paint, which was coming in the future. I figured we’d paint the inside of the pantry while we were doing that, because at least then it’s at least improved somewhat.


With the amount of stuff that we had to squish in temporarily, I wanted to leave the clothing rail until last. But I had to help Connor KonMari his clothes at the very least, but that’s an entirely different ball game. That actually waited for a while, because the carpet was more important. Plus I could help with the clothes over time, once we had everything else sorted.

We did have to sort out the clutter we’d amassed around the room though, but some of it was there for storage, such as some of my plushes, or the DVDs that were originally in the living room (which would be moved back once the carpet had been fitted). Basically they’re there because I wanted to tidy the office and we only had one bookcase, and the books went on there.


We’d unfortunately crammed a lot of junk in the office, especially when I had to shift my clothes in the closet temporarily. And oh boy, we had a lot of ground to cover in that area!

First of all, we’d previously broken down a bunch of boxes leftover from when we moved in, and they were ready to be thrown out for recycling. We had to get the room practically spotless so that we could fit furniture in there when we needed the living room gutted for the carpet fitters. It was a monumental task indeed. For the time being, it meant we would have to declutter this space, attempt to fit pieces into the closet temporarily and the furniture in the room (and the room itself is tiny, no joke).

We had to shuffle everything that was in there in a cohesive manner, shoving it all into one corner and having it organised. It was just for the sole purpose for having somewhere to store everything from the living room temporarily, which was a ballache, but we managed in the end. Then afterwards, it was a case of pulling everything back into order. But when things got a bit messy, a lot of stuff just got thrown in there again. It meant that I had to tidy it all up again. The bookshelf would not fit everything that I wanted (I have a small manga collection that won’t fit either). We finally managed, though, somehow. It took a lot of shuffling around.


The hallway was pretty simple, as we don’t have much in the way of clutter in there. In actual fact, we did need to get rid of stuff we’d just left in there for scrap anyway. So that was the first thing to go. Of course, Connor kept wanting to put it off for a while, but I told him that it was either going to go now or we’d keep putting it off.

Later, I wanted to use the shelving unit that my mum gave me to store shoes and bags on in the closet by the front door. This got delayed a little because I had a migraine attack while struck down with a cold at the same time. However…this didn’t exactly work out as planned, because the shelving unit was too wide. I instead opted to just use it as a shelving unit for the office closet, which worked really well, and took a lot of the stress out of going through everything in the short time-frame that we did. Of course, not everything in the office fits, but that wasn’t the goal in the first place!

After discussing the capsule wardrobe idea, I decided to use an ottoman from the bedroom, use that for our bedding and towels, and place it next to the door. That way, we would have somewhere to sit down to put our shoes on. This was going to happen after clearing out the bedroom of clutter, because then we could move it out and finally have room for that clothes rail!


Again, like with the kitchen, the bathroom just needed a deep clean. Because we don’t have windows or a ventilation fan, we have to keep on top of any mould problems ourselves, which can be a bit of a task, but is doable. We just need to get some paint on to the ceiling, really, so that could help treat the problem.

Of course, this is also where cellar spiders get in from the empty areas of the building. I found early on that I could use a mix of peppermint oil and water to help attempt to repel the spiders, but sometimes they just get in. And it gets nasty when they do. So we’ve resorted to hoovering them up, really.

I’m usually the one that cleans the fixtures in the bathroom, which I don’t mind doing because I always did that when living at my parents’. It’s just a habit to do it now, though.

Next week, we’ll focus on the sentimental items, which we always do last, as we become a lot keener on what sparks us joy and what doesn’t!

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