My Picks of Delta Pokemon

I’ve only played a little bit of Pokemon Insurgence, but I’m heavily fascinated with the concept of Delta Pokemon. For those not in the know, Delta Pokemon are the result of an idea that scientists had in order to make a Pokemon perfect.

So going into this with what little knowledge I have, here are my solid picks!

10. Volcarona


This amazing Dark/Poison-type Volcarona looks deadly, and I’m living for it. It also has an Armored Form which increases its defensive capabilities. I think the high level to evolve from Larvesta, as well as the shiny, are totally worth it!

9. Meloetta


I love the mime version of Meloetta, as it just fits the bill for me, in a strange way. It goes from a Pokemon that’s all about the music to one that is mute. I also like the Magician Forme that it has, as a lovely contrast, also by using Relic Song.

8. Charizard


I chose Charmander as my starter purely for this Ghost/Dragon behemoth of a Charizard. Delta Charizard is everything I look for in a Pokemon like this, and kinda wish it was a regional variant in Galar instead.

7. Lanturn


I’m not normally a fan of Lanturn, so seeing this makes me happy. It’s very unnerving at the same time, but I think the design of Lanturn hits its peak here. It capitalised on its normal design, and just elevated, looking very wispy and frail, but also familiar at the same time.

6. Ditto


It’s a blob that’s a different form of blob. It’s great! I mean, you can only use it to breed with Delta Pokemon (and that’s the only way it can do so), but also use it to breed with normal Pokemon outside of the Undiscovered Egg Group.

5. Luxray


I love this. It kinda reminds me of a vampiric Elvis Presley, and I like how it’s a Steel/Poison-type. While I don’t find it an upgrade of Luxray, more like a side-step of greatness. Its Pokedex entry states that ‘one drop of its venom is potent enough to incapacitate 2000 Rattata’ – now that’s scary.

4. Greninja


The unique type combination of Grass/Fire really helps Greninja solidify its place on this list. I’m not the biggest fan of Greninja normally, but its design changes from being a ninja to this…wow! I didn’t think I’d like Greninja as much as this.

3. Torterra / Aurorus


I love the idea of Torterra literally having an island on its back. I love the detailing of the island as well, having the ‘X marks the spot’ on its front. It looks so elegant, possibly reminiscent of Lapras in a way. I prefer this to its normal variant. Aurorus does similar, so they’re both tied on this list.

2. Sableye


I love the idea of this Sableye being more fiery and holding a rock, referring to its Fire/Rock-type combination. Big props to Mega Delta Sableye though, that takes it a step further.

1. Ludicolo


Yer a wizard, ‘arry! Jokes aside, I’m just so happy that Ludicolo looks as badass as it does like this. Even Delta Lotad looks adorable, and Lombre even. This entire evolution line is the pinnacle of Delta Pokemon.

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